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Physical, cognitive, social and emotional changes - Essay Example

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CASE STUDY ONE. 1 Identify the physical, cognitive, social and emotional changes that are present in Elsie. Mrs. Elsie who is 73 years old now is most probably a victim to loneliness. She experienced her husband death two years ago after which she stayed alone as her daughter Doris was not able to visit her frequently due to the distance they share and as his son Joan preferred staying with his wife and children although he showed up twice every weak but he did not chose to brought his mother over his place or move in to hers…
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Physical, cognitive, social and emotional changes
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Download file to see previous pages It is known that living alone can increase the risk of mental health problems for the elderly. Man is a social animal and especially at an old age needs attention, care and company and usually behaves like a child .Mrs. Elsie feels as if she is a burden on her children and tries her best to be compatible with them. She is very much attached to her home as she has spent forty five years of her life in it and does not want to leave it when her son suggests that she should move to an old house, the feeling of which makes her more miserable. Speaking of her cognitive behavior, she has assumed that she would be forced to move away from her home , she believes that she is not capable of doing anything by her own now and has to look after her children support for all the things she has to handle which cause them irritation and meanwhile she suffered emotionally too on the way her life style has been since her husband died and how she is physically not active to do her chores herself and on the fear that she might have to leave the house .She surely had expected that her son would volunteer to look after her when she is old as everyone has expectations. A close understanding a shared time with another human is necessary and essential for every human. Mrs. Elsie has lived an isolated life starved of emotional help as well as practical help for over last two years when she lost her husband which was also a great thing to upset her. 2 Describe the ways in which you could assess Elsie’s developmental status In order to assess Mrs. Elsie’s developmental status we need to know her everyday life routine and compare it with her past. We need to know the changes that occurred in her life after her husband’s death and how she spent the time after he was gone. We should be interrogating what she fears most now how was her life as a child how was her life as a teenager did she spend a healthy married life what she always wanted to do and is she satisfied the way her life is and what are her expectations from her children how she wants to live and what are her concerns she should also be taken to a psychiatrist who could do her counseling well and should be asked about what she does all day long , noting the minor details will help us to most to more know about her state of mind and knowing about the minor details would help us to diagnose more why she feels that she is suffering from memory loss or is it only a perception .With love care and affection and keeping her lifestyle in mind only her developmental status of mind can be from the scenario presented above the lady suffers from depression and cognitive disorder of being a burden to her children and she perceived this all due to her growing age loss of a spouse and his son proposal to her for shifting to an old age which made her cry and depicts factors for her developmental status over these years. 3. Identify the range of information that you would want in order to assess this situation more fully i.e. what would you want to know that you don’t know now? Identify who you could speak to, to obtain this information? In order to assess the situation in a more good way I would chose to have a detailed conversation with Mrs. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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I didn’t know how to start my research paper. "Physical, cognitive, social and emotional changes" helped me out a lot! Especially the list of closing part was valuable.

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