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Health Information Professional Part1: A. Introduction Health information professionals care patients by keeping a track of their vital medical data. They are liable for maintaining patients’ health information and they further ensure that information collected from the source are accurate , complete and readily available when needed by the healthcare providers…
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Health Information Professional
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Download file to see previous pages Health information management professionals often work in a variety of settings and they serve as the vital link in managing and performing clinical, operational and administrative functions that are essential for rendering quality of services towards patients’ healthcare. It is for these reasons that health information technologies need to undergo rigorous evaluation to ensure that the technologies used are effective and efficient enough to meet the constant demand for easy storage and retrieval of patient health information securely in emergency situation. In this context, Mayo Clinic has been recognized as the eight best known national assessment organizations, more than any other United States based hospital or clinic. Mayo has efficiently adapted health information technology (HIT) in order to ensure readiness of its customers (patients) health record whenever needed by the healthcare providers. Information technology when combined with patient health provides remedy to many problems by enabling the healthcare providers to access the patient’s health record any time with the use of computers and other electronic systems. Consequently, Mayo has made use of information technology for its various purposes such as generating bills electronically, collecting payments and keeping the medical and relevant health records of the patients among others. However, it is necessary for Mayo and other clinics or hospitals to analysis their health information system in order to upgrade and improve the existing technologies’ used to store and retrieve vital information that considerably make them to deliver and to enhance their performance in terms of quality patient care. Furthermore, the importance of analyzing the health informatics and information management can be realized from the fact that increased use of health information technology (HIT) along with health information exchanges and electronic health records have substantially contributed towards improved health care facilities, reduction in medical errors and have facilitated to increase the overall efficiency of Mayo, thereby reducing administrative costs and promoting timely health information that has helped them to save many lives and prevent fatal tragedies or consequences (The University of York, 2003). The project is based on meta-analysis of data which is takes into consideration a combination of data from various sources in order to produce a single statement. It provides a clear picture of the various relevant issues by allowing integration of multiple studies. Today, doctors and other healthcare providers face with large amount of information. It is therefore necessary to prepare and to summarize the large volumes of data and information published, for providing them with relevant information rather than cumbersome data and information. Hence, meta-analysis of data considerably saves time and facilitates in increasing familiarity with relevant data that are of their interest. At the same time, the project designed strives to explore the important data that are related with HIIM and to present a summarized form of these relevant data to the readers especially to those who are engaged in health informatics and information management (The University of York, 2003). The project is essential for the HIIM as the present system has a few limitations and weaknesses. The weaknesses in the structure of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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