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Qualitative methods in social health - Research Paper Example

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Role of paramedics in community maternal health in developing countries Scenario Questions Face sheet 1: Participant: Rene Wilson Location: interview conducted by the US at the hospital. Date and time: Length of interview: one hour. Special circumstances: none…
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Qualitative methods in social health research
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Extract of sample "Qualitative methods in social health"

Download file to see previous pages Tell me about your experience when you went at Third World countries? I went to India as part of a Community Health Placement in November 2011. We worked one day in a one of their major hospitals in New Delhi and three days in a smaller district hospital. We also assisted in an even smaller clinic for one week. We also assisted in mother’s classes and health education sessions in these small clinics and visited local families in New Delhi and in two of their rural areas. 2- How did you find the delivered of emergency care in that country? During our stay with the hospital, we witnessed how the emergency workers rendered emergency care to a patient who was brought in after a motorcycle accident. I noted that the emergency staff were efficient in their rendered care. We were also impressed in how the staff were able to carry out their tasks even with their limited equipment. They were old school emergency workers and it was something we were not used to witness in our own country where we had the latest equipment and technologies. I also noted however that the hospital was understaffed and there were several emergency cases being handled by the medical staff and they were often prompted to prioritize their services, and at some point, some patients were ignored. In the area of Tripura, heavy rains caused a landslide which prompted rescuers to assist in retrieving some of the injured and dead bodies. About five died, but 10 were rescued. The retrieval team was efficient but the lack of equipment in digging through the mud hampered their progress. It placed the rescuers at risk of being buried in a second landslide in the area. The emergency team only had three spine boards and three neck braces. At some point, they had to immediately transport the injured in order to reuse the spine boards and other equipment. We were nevertheless impressed in the skill of the team in retrieving the injured. Their actions showed that they have carried out many other similar rescues in the past. 3. What type of maternal care do you deliver in that country? While in New Delhi, I was able to observe midwives in the rural areas deliver babies. We assisted in some of the births, mostly these were spontaneous vaginal deliveries. We were impressed with the skills of the midwives in delivering the babies. At one point, one of the babies was not presenting cephalically, but the midwife was able to turn the baby and to deliver the baby safely. We were nervous and concerned about this, but we saw that the midwives were able to carry out the task safely and efficiently. We also assisted in the bathing of the babies, and the postnatal care of the mothers. 4. Do you believe it is possible to sufficiently deliver emergency maternal services for what you observed? I think that it is possible to sufficiently deliver emergency maternal services in the areas we visited. The experience of the staff in delivering infants despite the limitations they had was very much impressive. They were used to functioning under these conditions. We could not even imagine delivering babies and maternal services efficiently under these conditions because we were used to functioning with modern equipment and technologies. We also noted that in one of the districts we visited, there was only one ambulance on standby. When one of the mothers had to be referred to the hospitals, the ambulance was used, but we were wondering what the district would do during simultaneous emergencies. Moreover, we were concerned about the distance to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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