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Health Promotion - Diabetes Control Program - Essay Example

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This research will begin with the definition of health promotion as one of the dominant ways that involves multiple activities that can catch the attention of individuals, which leads to improved and much healthier lives of the inhabitants of the community in the distant future…
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Health Promotion - Diabetes Control Program
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Extract of sample "Health Promotion - Diabetes Control Program"

Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that health promotion is a course of action that leads towards awareness amongst people to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. In addition, subject under concern is also a stepping-stone for the societies and regions that confront common as well as grave health enormities to find a remedy by means of positive public attitude, favourable surroundings, educating and creating an understanding amongst the masses and healthy public policies and services. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in the body in which the level and quantity of the glucose is elevated to large extent. There are few of the major and influential factors leading to diabetes. Obesity leads to excessive body fats that hamper the efficiency of insulin receptors present on the surface of body cells. They do not respond to the presence of insulin in blood. As an outcome, body is unable to store surplus glucose in the blood. Inactive, sedentary, or desk-bounded lifestyle had become a common routine in the today's life that is leading towards overweight, which is the main reason of obesity, particularly amongst the young generation. The escalating rates of obesity are a strong factor that a person becomes diabetics. This is because the blood sugar levels are low and in control when a person is active and lively. Eating habits, especially unhealthy consumptions have found to be one of the leading causes of diabetes. This is because having food with full of fats would be less in nutrients, fibers and carbohydrates that a body needs would contribute to flabby and obesity. (Neinstein, 2007, pp. 469-471). Inheritance and Family History People come under greater risk of being a diabetic if this disorder is present in the family history. This is because diabetes is hereditary and the upcoming generations have a higher risk of adapting such disease. However, lifestyle is one of the prevalent and principal factors that can control this enormity (Neinstein, 2007, pp. 469-471). Increased level of Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Blood Pressure and Cholesterol are the two factors that not only escalate the probability of diabetes but also lead to several other serious health issues. Unhealthy diet, overweight and sedentary lifestyle accumulates fats in blood, thus increasing the level of cholesterol and high blood pressure (Barnett and Kumar, 2009, pp. 155-158). Contribution of Public Policy, Health Services and Human Behaviours towards Diabetes Concerning the matter of diabetes, public policy, health services, and human behaviours are the three interlined significant aspects that play a significant role in contributing towards diabetes. Public policies are prominent as it not only smoothes the progress of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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