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Health Promotion Program for the Elderly - Research Paper Example

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Health Promotion Program and the Promotion of Superior Wellbeing for the Older Age Bracket Name: Topic: Instructor: Abstract As an individual gets older, chronic conditions and diseases affect the health of the individual in a negative manner due to physiological changes…
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Health Promotion Program for the Elderly
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Download file to see previous pages Older adults are at high risk for the progression of type 2 diabetes. This is due to the collective effects of escalating insulin resistance and impaired pancreatic islet role with aging. Diabetes can be avoided and managed by the elderly; this is mainly by optimizing blood glucose control. This can be achieved by a change of lifestyle, diet, nutrition education, exercise and pharmacological therapy. The absence of disease does not necessarily mean an individual is healthy. This paper is a health promotion program focused on the fitness of the older generation. It discusses the cause of the condition, who is mostly affected, how it can be controlled and managed. Keywords: Chronic conditions, physiological changes, diabetes mellitus, pharmacological therapy. Importance of the Health Promotion Program and who it focuses on Health refers to the physical, emotional and mental well-being of an individual. This health promotion program keenly focuses on the elderly. A common health condition affecting the aged is diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic condition. A chronic condition is an illness or disability that is severe, and it lasts for a long time. These conditions lead to physical restrictions that have a key impact on an individual’s capability to survive independently. ...
Exclusive of the use of insulin, the body’s chief foundation of energy which is glucose becomes unavailable to the cells. The health promotion program is important because there is a rise of cases concerning diabetes among the elderly. This program aims to bring awareness on matters concerning diabetes, as well as, promotes health education for the elderly people in the community. It focuses on the elderly population, their well- being and maintenance of this condition which is a very fatal condition. Program Goals The core anticipation of the health awareness program among the elderly population is the prevention of illness, restoration and maintenance of health. Program Objectives What the program endeavors to achieve is: a. To offer health education focusing on diabetes and other related conditions to the elderly. b. To promote health awareness to the community. c. To calculate mortality and hospitalization rates of diabetes. d. Promoting the importance of lifestyle changes. e. Diabetes education. f. To organize diabetic support groups. g. To decrease untimely demise from avoidable chronic conditions. h. To advise the elderly to go for diabetes screening tests so as to know their diagnosis, and if they have the condition management should begin immediately. i. To advance the worth of life among the elderly living with diabetes. Prospective Results The predictable domino effect of the plan includes: a. Management of diabetes. b. Diabetes awareness. c. Health lifestyle change. d. Health and nutrition education awareness. e. Maintenance of health. f. Acceptance of the condition and the complete lifestyle change. g. Increase in the number of clients. h. Decrease in diabetic cases. i. Better reception among the community members. j. To reduce the rates of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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