How effective is Diabetes Education on Diabetes Patients in Qatar - Dissertation Example

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The study would be evaluating the effectiveness of diabetes education on diabetes patients in Hamid General Hospital, Doha. The major aim of the study is to improve effectiveness of diabetes education amongst the diabetes patients so they can independently manage their diseases…
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How effective is Diabetes Education on Diabetes Patients in Qatar
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"How effective is Diabetes Education on Diabetes Patients in Qatar"

Download file to see previous pages The discussion seeks to answer the question: How effective is Diabetes Education on Diabetes Patients in Qatar? In Qatar, diabetes and cancer are major causes that lead to morbidity and mortality. Nearly 15% of its population has type 2 diabetes. Most importantly, there is huge possibility of increase in the cases in Qatar due to increasing sedentary lifestyle, obesity, lack of physical activities etc. It is a chronic disease that has serious health implications and acts as a catalyst for heart attacks, blindness, kidney failures and such other such fatal diseases. The symptoms are not easily discernable and therefore pose serious health hazards for the society. In the contemporary environment of changing lifestyle, effective healthcare deliverables have become hugely critical component of healthy society and lifelong fitness. Health and environment issues have emerged as vital public concern. The alarming rise of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, obesity etc. necessitate in depth research for evolving effective mechanisms of control and prevention to arrest this rapidly growing tendency amongst the population. Indeed, the unprecedented increase of diabetes cases has made it imperative to address the issue at the earliest to promote better health and welfare of the society at large. In Qatar, diabetes and cancer are major causes that lead to morbidity and mortality. The study would therefore be focusing on the effectiveness of Diabetes education on the diabetic patients in Qatar. ...
2.1 Brief description of the problem Qatar is a small oil rich, Arab country in the Middle East. The oil and gas extraction have contributed to the wealth of the country that has made it one of the richest nations of the world. Abulbari et al (2009) assert diabetes type 2 has become a leading health burden in Qatar that has steadily been rising amongst the adult population. Most importantly, there is huge possibility of increase in the cases in Qatar due to increasing sedentary lifestyle, obesity, lack of physical activities etc. (Bener et al, 2009). Another report informs that there is low awareness about the disease in Qatar and scarce knowledge as how to manage it (, 2009). Sharon and Idolia (1992) define Diabetes type 2 or Diabetes Mellitus as the inability of body to produce insulin, a hormone that facilitates in converting food into glucose for energy required for body metabolism. It is a chronic disease that leads to impairment and death. WHO action plan (2006-2011) reports that 76% of deaths in Qatar are due chronic diseases. It has 15-20% prevalence rate (MENAFN, 2011).Diabetes has wide ramifications on the health and often leads to fatal diseases like heart attack, kidney failure, strokes, blindness, nervous disorders etc. It is a silent disease whose symptoms are not easily discernible in early stage which makes it more dangerous. Hence, the problem is genuine and needs to be addressed from the perspectives of educating people. Knowledge about preventive measures and precautions needed to avert further health complications could serves as critical tools of improving lifestyle. 2.2 Research hypothesis It is believed that holistic healthcare is very important element that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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