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Tornadoes as the Natures Most Hazardous and Violent Storms - Research Paper Example

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This essay analyzes tornadoes, which are nature’s most hazardous and violent storms. Tornadoes are believed to be the offspring of very powerful thunderstorms. In addition, they are the calamities that can devastate entire neighborhoods and towns in seconds…
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Tornadoes as the Natures Most Hazardous and Violent Storms
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Extract of sample "Tornadoes as the Natures Most Hazardous and Violent Storms"

Download file to see previous pages A tornado is formed by a funnel-shaped, rotating cloud that is born from a thunderstorm in a violent manner and hits the ground with revolving winds that can go up to at most 300 miles per hour. The most aggressive tornadoes have the power of immense devastation carrying the wind speeds of at least 250mph and more. Tornadoes can harm an area of fifty miles long and one mile wide in one stoke. One of the tornadoes began forming in Broken Bow in Oklahoma and carried the motel sign as far away as thirty miles and finally landed in Arkansas. Each state of United States of America is at a risk of getting tornadoes. Some tornadoes are lucidly visible while others are obscured by low-hanging clouds or rain. Most of the time, tornadoes expand so vigorously that little or no advance warning is probable. When a tornado hits a certain area, the air becomes still there and wind dies down. A cloud comprises of wreckage tells where the tornado is even if one is not lucid. At the sprawling edge of a thunderstorm, tornadoes occur. Behind every tornado, it is common to see clear, sunlit skies. (Allaby, 1997)
Thunderstorms build up in moist, warm air and move towards East towards the colder regions. These tornadoes sometimes cause strong winds, frozen rain, and tornadoes. The early spring and winter tornadoes are mostly linked with frontal, strong systems that grow up in the Central States and go towards East. Infrequently, massive outbreaks of these tornadoes take place with the similar kind of weather pattern. Many states may be a victim of these frequent thunderstorms as well as tornadoes. Thunderstorms are mostly generated along a “dryline” in the Central Plains during the spring season which divides the moist, warm air towards the East from dry, hot air towards the West. As the dryline goes towards East, it forms tornado-generating thunderstorms during afternoon time. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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