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Should Government be responsible for forecasting Tornado - Research Paper Example

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In the following research, a basic information about the danger of tornados will be described. An author will discuss the problem of forecasting tornadoes as a chance of its prevention. Finally, the writer will talk about US' government responsibilities on the theme…
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Should Government be responsible for forecasting Tornado
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Download file to see previous pages Tornadoes can have a maximum wind speed of about 483km/h and a minimum wind speed of 177km/h (Byars and Doron 23). Tornadoes are too dangerous, and they cause damages and they can lead to death. It is unfortunate that no one except the weather forecasters and other organizations know when a tornado will come. If it comes with people not knowing and not taking the precautions, many people will have to count their losses including property damages and even loss of lives. With this in mind forecasting is necessary for such situations. An organization should forecast and see what is to come like for some few weeks so as to let people know when and where the tornado will appear. This will help citizens take precautions and defend themselves against the tornado (Weems 21). There is no other country that is subjected to tornadoes other than the United States of America. This is because of the clash between arctic winds and tropical winds that happen in the Midwestern states. Due to this many Americans have lost their lives including loved ones as a result of unpreparedness. There has been an argument as to whether the government should be responsible for forecasting and giving warnings about tornadoes. But there are several facts that counter the possibility of the government taking up the responsibility. There are other organizations such as National Weather Service and National Severe Storm Laboratory that are also able to give predictions on matters about tornadoes and the precautions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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