Tornado and Hurricane formation processes - Research Paper Example

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The paper “Tornado and Hurricane formation processes” gives a general overview of the effects of tornadoes in the United States of America by citing the worst hit years. The second part of the discussion explicates the tornado formation processes…
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Tornado and Hurricane formation processes
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Download file to see previous pages The disastrous tornado began in Missouri and stayed on the ground for about 220 miles moving at a super speed to Illinois and Extending to Indiana (The tornado project 2012) The tornado left a trail on its passage measuring approximately 1.6 kilometers in width. Approximately six hundred and ninety eight persons lost their lives whereas two thousand people experienced injuries. (The tornado project 2012) On 14th April, 2011 a series of deadly tornadoes hit the Southern United States devastating the Cities of Oklahoma to Northern Carolina where dozens of people lost their lives and property (The tornado project 2012) According to Weisman et al 1982, concur that majority of violent tornadoes are spawned by Supercells storms; these storms undergo an average rotational movement (cyclonic in nature) with the highest vorticity almost coincident with the updraft core. The average rotational movement is referred as the mesocyclone. Supercells are always developed in extremely high convectible existing potential energy characterized by warm, moist air within the PBL and a lot of cool air aloft; large winds shear as well as convectible inhibition. Other factors responsible for the formation of Supercells may include the availability of dry air within the troposphere. This may be directed into the storm, cooled by an evaporative cooling in within the mixed air parcel. This condition leads to the development of the down draft. Strong down drafts implies strong updrafts as well as more severe storms. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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