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Long Island Geography, the Grandifolia Sand Hills and Dwarf Beech Trees of Long Island - Assignment Example

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The assignment "Long Island Geography, the Grandifolia Sand Hills and Dwarf Beech Trees of Long Island" provides an overview of the geographical and environmental features of Long Island. The writer will address the issue of the destruction of the Grandifolia Sandhills forest…
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Long Island Geography, the Grandifolia Sand Hills and Dwarf Beech Trees of Long Island
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Extract of sample "Long Island Geography, the Grandifolia Sand Hills and Dwarf Beech Trees of Long Island"

Download file to see previous pages The encyclopedia states that the climatic conditions of Long Island are said to be similar to the coastal areas of the Northeastern United States with warm and humid summers and cool wet winters. However, to be more distinctive, Eastern and Western Long Island have varying temperatures. It is said that the Western region of Long Island-Nassau County is warmer than the Eastern region of the island called Suffolk County. The reason for this lies in the location and the development of the areas. Nassau County is closer to the mainland and more developed in contrast with Suffolk County which is less developed and cooler due to the moderation of the Atlantic Ocean and the Long Island Sound.
The formation of the island has made room for arguments by Geologists, as they still find it puzzling. The island is also said to have been sporadically researched. Some Geologists did conclude that the island was made up of two spines of the glacial moraine with a large sandy outwash plain. The moraines consist of gravels and loose rock left behind thousands of years ago. The Moraine to the North of Long Island is called harbor Hill whilst the other on the Southern end, often referred by geologists as the backbone of Long Island is called Ronkonkoma which also gave birth to Lake Ronkonkoma- a kettle lake. It is referred to as the backbone because it runs through the very center of the island. The glaciers melted and moved further to the North and thus creating North and South Shore Beach. The difference between the two is; North Shore Beach is rocky from the remaining glacial debris and South Shore Beach is crisp and clear with outwash sand.
Blessed with four counties; Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, and Brooklyn, it is divided from the Sate by the East River, which is actually a tidal strait and not a river and from Connecticut by the ‘Long Island Sound’. A ‘sound’ in maybe geographically described as a large sea or ocean inlet, larger than a bay, deeper than a bight, wider than a fjord, or it may identify a narrow sea or ocean channel between two bodies of land, according to an article published on   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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