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The Price Of Conservation - Essay Example

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The paper "The Price Of Conservation" describes the protection of wild animals from extinction is perceived as a way of protecting the stability of the planet. Conservation efforts are based on the fact that all species add value to the quality of life…
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The Price Of Conservation
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Download file to see previous pages The villagers’ reaction to Golap brings home to me the second big reason rhinos are still wandering around Kaziranga. Rhinos remain (as do elephants, buffaloes, and tigers) because many Indians want them. You do not have to stay long in Assam to realize that local people are tremendously proud of Kaziranga and its rhinos in particular. The Assamese are paying a heavy price for their rhinos and other wild animals. The positive attitude towards wildlife is influenced by the belief that human beings should care for all animals as taught in Buddhism and Hinduism. Recently, the Forest Department and other stakeholders have also started initiatives aimed at making the community work together in protecting the park. The author acknowledges the sentiments of Mr. Boro, who believes working with the community is a major boost to the fight against poachers. It will also provide a way for the conservationists to solve the foundational problems that push people to poach. In conclusion, Adams and Carwardine are keen on explaining the importance of innovative conservation efforts as the world changes. Areas like Assam are likely to change as development and western views dominate most parts of India. The people’s views about wildlife are also changing. The lack of innovative conservation efforts means the future of Kaziranga is not safe. The national park does not earn enough revenue for everyone. Creativity is paramount to continue protecting the rhinos of Kaziranga and other wild animals in different parts of the globe ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Price Of Conservation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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