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Protesting inequality - Harassment and protest in India - Essay Example

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From the essay "Protesting inequality - Harassment and protest in India" it is clear that gender discrimination is an enormous problem in the Indian society, the country's traditional patriarchal norm relegate the Indian women to a secondary status within the workplace and household…
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Protesting inequality - Harassment and protest in India
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Extract of sample "Protesting inequality - Harassment and protest in India"

Download file to see previous pages In India, women are married young, become young mothers at a young age that then burdens them with stringent financial and domestic responsibilities. A great number of women in India are malnourished as traditionally they should be the last to eat and last to receive medical attention. In relation to education 76%, men in India are educated while only 54% of women are educated; they receive little or no schooling and suffer from unfair and biased divorce and inheritance laws. To generate change the Indian people use the anti-reservation protests, in these protests, they push for integration of women into all the sectors mostly education, and also push for a revision of the existing policies. Other tactic people use to improve the conditions for women is the use of social media. In these, the people understand that the media possesses immense power in regard to influencing masses. In these, they ensure that the media covers all the women issues in India bringing them open to the public. In India, Television is one of the pervasive and powerful media that women use to ensure that their message is communicated to the public. Faithful patriots: religion and nationalism Islam is the official religion in Pakistan; the country has the second largest Muslim population after Indonesia. The 2007 census found that 96% of Pakistanis total population was Muslim with 20% being Shia and 76% Sunni. Historically, Islam arrived in Pakistan back in 711CE, after Umayyad dynasty sent a Muslim Arab army against the ruler of Sindh. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Protesting Inequality - Harassment and Protest in India Essay)
Protesting Inequality - Harassment and Protest in India Essay.
“Protesting Inequality - Harassment and Protest in India Essay”, n.d.
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