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Unclear Territories: Russia and Ukraine - Case Study Example

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This case study talks about the dispute between Ukraine and Russia which lies in the political, ethnic, economic, and historically, blurred cultural lines between the two countries resulted to crimerias break away from Ukraine to join Russia. It also talks about the consequences of Euromaidan…
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Unclear Territories: Russia and Ukraine
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Extract of sample "Unclear Territories: Russia and Ukraine"

Download file to see previous pages The case study "Unclear Territories: Russia and Ukraine" talks about the dispute between Ukraine and Russia which lies in the political, ethnic, economic, and historically, blurred cultural lines between the two countries resulted to crimerias break away from Ukraine to join Russia. It also talks about the consequences of Euromaidan. The Euromaidan revolution began in 2013 when the president (Victor Yanukovych) started supporting the move for Crimeria to join the European Union. The supreme council, on the other hand, supported the government's decision that aimed at suspending negotiations on the negotiations regarding Ukraine joining the European Union. The crimerian government was against the move and urged the citizens to strengthen their friendly ties with Russia instead of supporting Ukraine's idea. This began the crisis between the Russian government and the Ukrainian government, in 2014 they reached its tip point, Victor Yanukovych greatly supported by the Euromaidan movement sparked the political crisis in Crimeria. The country was in unrest state, the crimerian citizens started demonstrations against the new Ukrainian government, the demonstrations later spread rapidly as a result of Russia overt support for the separatist political factions. The violence increased after suspicions that a the crimerian meeting in February 2014 aimed at calling for help from the Russian government predictions were that Russia would join in the crisis in support of Crimeria due to its unique demographics. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Unclear Territories: Russia and Ukraine Case Study.
“Unclear Territories: Russia and Ukraine Case Study”, n.d.
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