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You need to give the topic - Essay Example

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Even within the same continent, it is observed that one side is different from the other side. Asia is no different in this regard and the region shows extensive geological…
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You need to give the topic
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Download file to see previous pages It is seen that geologically speaking the land can be divided into five tectonic periods of the tectonic evolution of the area. The present landform of the country is based in the era Miocene-early Pleistocene or “neotectonic period”. China is a land which exhibits great mountains of Himalayas and then plains with beautiful valleys of Karst landscape. Himalayas play a vital role in the sediment formation of the rivers which lead into the Bay of Bengal. The intraplate is seen deformed in China which is a vital part when speaking of Chinese tectonic plates. It is a part of the Eurasian continental plate and is coherent plus is unified lithospheric plate. The land area is made up of intense collision and folding with wide magmatism and metamorphism of orientated linear and foliar structures and thus, the land includes a wide range of geological morphism (Virtual Upper Mantle of the Earth).
Central China is located on the loess plateau which can be accounted as the world’s largest Quaternary loess deposits. The fertile and alluvial land is located in the east of china from the Yangzi river delta to the south with a mark of highlands and peninsula of Shandong. The south of the Yangzi river mostly constitutes of the mountainous region and in the area, there is a dominance of sedimentary deposit because of the river and the Yangzi craton. Green fields are a part of the karst landscape which constitutes the Guangxi and Yunnan provinces. The border with Korea is mountain oriented but much of the northeast of the country is made up of the alluvial plains. In the west of the country, is the Tibetan plateau which is in elevation about 4000 meters. China is made up of hundreds of sedimentary basins. India is one of the neighbor countries and it is seen that the collision of the Indian subcontinent which was a part of the Antarctica, there was a ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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