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In-class activity: (Un)veiled: Muslim Women Talk About Hijab - Coursework Example

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Dr Hamdan: Dr Hamdah is an intellectual with critical and open view of life; she expresses her frustrations with the lack of openness and tolerance in Emirates. Dr Hamdah is also a committed Muslim lady- Dr Hamdah confesses that Islam is central in her life; the practice of…
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In-class activity: (Un)veiled: Muslim Women Talk About Hijab
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Extract of sample "In-class activity: (Un)veiled: Muslim Women Talk About Hijab"

Download file to see previous pages Hala, the Iraq-Canadian: Hala also is open- minded and rebellious; she considers herself Muslim but she does not practice Islam; for her, Niqap represents misrepresentation of women and robs women of their identity; Hala is unveiled.
Manar, the British woman: Manar is committed to her Islam faith and understand her religion well; she claims that she was forced by her father to veil, but she understands and agrees with the practice of veiling.
Somalia, the Egyptian woman: Somalia is a committed to her Islamic faith and she practices her faith with joy; she claims that wearing niqab has not hindered her participation in-or-enjoyment- of life.
The fast sign of modernity in the video is that the city of Dubai is presented as a sophisticated modern city with magnificent sky-scrappers. The second sign of modernity is that some of the beautiful modern buildings in the city are installed with modern satellite dishes. And the third sign of modernity in the video is the modern recreational centre where we find a half-naked woman resting.
Question 3 Answer: Meaning of hijab as mentioned by women in the video. According to the women in the video, hijab can represent pious devotion to Islam, or subjugation and oppression of women. The women who argued that hijab is unnecessary in the modern world viewed hijab as a sign of subjugation and oppression of Muslim women, while the women who argued that hijab is a sign of pious devotion to Islam by Muslim women argued that hijab the practice of veiling elevates Muslim women and makes them to be respected.
The main difference of opinion among the women in the video in regard to religion is that some of the women in the video do not regard religion as being important in their lives, while some other women in the video regard their religion is being central and very important in their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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