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The Major Historic Features and Origin of Florence City - Research Paper Example

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This essay "The Major Historic Features and Origin of Florence City" focuses on Florence city which traces its origin from the Roman history.  After a long period of successful trading patterns and banking for the medieval community, it became the motherland of Italian Renaissance…
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The Major Historic Features and Origin of Florence City
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Extract of sample "The Major Historic Features and Origin of Florence City"

The Major Historic Features and Origin of Florence City
Florence city trace its origin from the Roman history. After a long period of successful trading patterns and banking for the medieval community, it became the motherland of Italian Renaissance. Over years the city grew immensely and was economically, politically and culturally one of the strongest cities in Europe besides the rest part of the world between fourteenth and sixteenth century[Jen08]. The city was founded by Lucius Cornelius Sulla in 80 BC as a settlement place for his veteran soldiers. Its initial name was Fluentia which denotes a city between two rivers but it was later corrupted to Florentia. The city architectural design was that of an army camp having major streets cardo and decumanus dissecting the city. It is located on coordinates 43°47′N 11°15′E and it’s relative to Milan City in Italy. As of July 2014, the total population was 379 180[Jen08].
Florence is the capital city of Tuscany, Italy besides being the province of Florence. Florence has had an integral role in Italian fashions being rated among top fifty fashion cities of the world. It also holds Italy economic and industrial prospects. The main language spoken in the City was and is still accepted is the Italian language. This is evident following diverse poets which origin can be traced from the Florence city. In fact this led to adoption of the Florentine dialect.
Starting from early middle Ages, the money in circulation in Florence which was mainly in form of gold florin contributed heavily in the development of the industries all over Europe as well as Bruges, Britain and Hungary. Particularly Florentine bankers brought into powers a number of English Kings during many years if war and even papacy[Jen08].
Medici, one of the world’s renowned noble family resided in Florence. Medici Lorenzo de’ , was arguably the Italy culturally and politically mastermind in the late 15th century. Clement V11 and Leo X, members of the Medici family were ordained as popes in the early 16th century. History recounts one of the daughters from Medici family who married King Henry II of France and took over power after his death. The reign from Medici family can be traced from 1569 when Cosimo Medici assumed power ending with the death of Gastone Medici 1737[Jen08].
Florence is also known for its famous historic landmarks, monument and structures. Most of the historians bracket the city as Cradle of the Renaissance due to its legendary buildings, monuments and churches. One of the nostalgic places to residents and tourists is Santa Maria del Fiore, the dome Cathedral which was built by Filippo Bruneslleschi.
The nearby buildings namely Campanile and Baptistery also major highlights in Florence. Since its construction 600 hundreds years ago, the dome still remain the world largest dome built in mortar and brick. The city was surrounded by walls characterized by middle age that were built in 14th century to protect the city. Piazza della Signoria, which lies at the heart of the city, contain the Bartolomeo Ammanati’s Fountian Neptune. The globally recognized historic sites led to naming of Florence as the World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.
The River Arno which sweeps across the city has a historical value to many of the people who lived there. The river nourished the city with booming commerce; it as well destroyed the city with frequent floods
The bridge Ponte Vecchio is also a major historic site that stands out, with its amazing multitude of shops built upon its edges anchored by stilts. It is within this bridge that lays the corridor that links Medici residence to Uffizi. San Lorenzo church holds mausoleum, Medici chapel which is connected to the powerful Medici family from 15th century to 17th century. Close to San Lorenzo is Uffizi Gallery, the finest art museum across the globe.
The major historic features and the connection with the Roman culture distinguishes Florence city from the rest and deserves to be a world heritage city.
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