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Environmental Data Analysis - Literature review Example

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Globalization has not only integrated the national as well as international business sector, but also the increase in the trade services is owing to the aspect of globalization, as the…
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Environmental Data Analysis literature Review
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Extract of sample "Environmental Data Analysis"

Download file to see previous pages foundations into the concept of interdependence of all the entities on this planet, where everyone is dependent on each other to some extent that arises the integration of all these entities into one single place to fulfil all the needs, as argued by (Steger, 2013). However, it happened in a number of years and will be going on further, while it was appeared as a concept for the first time in the nineties (Steger, 2013).
The concept of Globalisation has many notions and variants that are significant to study, and the purpose of this review is to elaborate this phenomenon from different perspectives existing on the concept, its variants and conceptions, and to evaluate how it has affected the world’s economy. The review has divided into different sections, where the first section has elaborated the time when the concept of globalisation was emerged. Then further sections have detailed different viewpoints existing in the literature over this phenomenon, where it is comprehended that how different scholars and practitioners have viewed the basics of these concepts. After reviewing the literature regarding the different perspectives of globalisation, the next sections have detailed the changings and alterations that have happened due to this phenomenon, where the impact of globalization in every aspect of life is evaluated either it is positive or negative.
The concept of globalisation has been much prevalent for last two decades, however, it has happened as a phenomenon for many years ago (Modelski, 1972). It can be argued that the globalisation laid its foundation when there was happened a first exchange of goods or services between the two countries. The emergence of the phenomenon of globalisation was started right after the World War II, when a number of nations required US experience and expertise in the field of technology and industrial development due to the fact that these nations were much affected by the World War II (Dallmayr, 1998).
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