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Phases in Cultural and Technical Development of Human Activity - Assignment Example

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This assignment discusses human activity and technological advancement have been the oldest records of human development. The assignment analyses human impact on the environment begins with vegetation, for humankind has possibly had a greater influence on plant life…
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Phases in Cultural and Technical Development of Human Activity
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Extract of sample "Phases in Cultural and Technical Development of Human Activity"

Download file to see previous pages The Stone Age advanced to be more diverse and altered by progressive use of the tool. Besides, there is certainly a lot of evidence for the use of wood throughout the Paleolithic Age. Wood was used for making ladders, lighting fire, as a pigment (charcoal), drying wood and as digging sticks. One of the distinguishing features of the Paleolithic age was the building of shelters and use of clothing which made habitation in the unfriendly environment much easier. This became a permanent feature of the man during this period. Secondly, one of the features that distinguished the early society that distinguished human from the other surviving non-human primates was their ostensibly omnivorous diet. Furthermore, humans had advanced communication skills by a way of coherent speech. Through communication and usage of words as symbols, hominids could organize themselves into a culture with an identity. At the early stages of settlement, human beings discovered fire and its usage. Moreover, the early society diffused seeds and nuts onto the vegetation for plantation activities. Interestingly, through hunting and gathering activities, human’s occupation had a dramatic effect on the animal population causing migration and even extinction of some great mammalian species. It can be argued that the low population densities of the hunters, gatherers and scavenger human groups were attributed to the introduction of pastoralism and agriculture (Goudie).
The second phase is plant cultivation, animal keeping, and metal working. Historically, humans began to domesticate animals and to gather food plants rather than just hunt animals. Although it is now recognized that some hunters and gathers had significant leisure, there is no doubt that through the controlled breeding of animals and plants humans were able to develop a more expandable and a reliable source of food; thereby, creating a solid and secure basis for cultural advancement. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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