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Natural hazard in Japan - Term Paper Example

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The number of earthquake (natural hazard) and active distribution of volcanoes is quite extremely high and frequently prominent in the country. Japan only covers 0.25% of…
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Natural hazard in Japan
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Extract of sample "Natural hazard in Japan"

Download file to see previous pages Natural hazards or disasters that Japan is frequently subjected to experience include volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, heavy torrential rains, typhoons, and heavy snow (Kingston, 2012 pg. 216).
Every year in Japan, there are great loses of peoples’ lives and property due to natural hazards. Until 1950s numerous large scale typhoons and earthquakes caused thousands of casualties and extensive damages. However, though the causes of disaster are natural and cannot be within anyone’s control, the disasters damage have been shown to be on a tendency which is declining even if the natural disasters are still occurring.
Japan and its economy have been through series of naturally hazardous occurrences. The Japan economy, according to the statistical economy figures released in 2011, shrank by 3.7% in the first period of 2011. Such an economic shrinking tipped the country in to a recession. The economic crisis also disrupted the Japan’s political life. This was illustrated by incidence of Mr. Kan starving being starved off through a vote of no confidence. The action gave a deep insight of division between the government of Mr. Kan and the alliance of bureaucrats that has dominated the public life of Japan for decade (Kingston, 2012 pg. 254).
There are overwhelming human and economic losses due the natural hazard that are experienced by Japan. Japan was estimated to have lost 5% of stock in the capital as a result of disasters and hazards. After initially playing economic impact down as a result of the March 2011 earthquake, there was an announcement by the government that Japan had officially fallen into recession following the tsunami and the soon followed nuclear disaster. The GDP of the country fell by 0.9% in the quarter of January to March and 3.7% annualized retreat. Insurance companies in the economy have been hit hard. This is because more than 400000 claims on damages of properties were made while many survivors say that they had no insurance ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Natural Hazard in Japan Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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