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What causes lead to the statistics - Essay Example

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The estimated life expectancy of 80 years matches the world set standards. The reason for the Chilean life expectancy levels is the government commitment to improving the citizen health care services by increasing the…
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What causes lead to the statistics
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Extract of sample "What causes lead to the statistics"

The Causes of the Statistics Chile Life expectancy in Chile is commendably at the right bars. The estimated life expectancy of 80 years matches the world set standards. The reason for the Chilean life expectancy levels is the government commitment to improving the citizen health care services by increasing the health spending per person with a total bill on health care at 7.5 percent of the GDP. Obesity and other chronic disease have proper management (World Bank publication 2014 6). The government is also committed to ensuring a healthy environment and control of substance abuse.
The Chilean economy is one of the rapidly growing economies in South America. Chile records high growth in developments in the agricultural sector; the level and number of industries have since grown in Chile. The high economic growth creates opportunity for most citizens improving the income. Education is also a sector in which the Chilean government is keen on. Gender equality is scoring low despite having had a female president; the women get fewer opportunities in job markets and leadership positions. The women fail to take up competitive opportunities like in science and engineering ending up on low salaries.
Life expectancy in Mexico sets at 77.5 percent below the OECD standards, and it’s below the level in most countries. The level is dependent on the rate of government commitment to quality health. The Mexican government commits 6.2 percent of the GDP on health services. The standard of obesity and other chronic diseases is at 32.4 percent affecting the Life expectancy levels (World Bank publication 2014 11). Rate of substance abuse is also a contributor. Mexico is one of the largest economies with the purchasing power higher.
Mexico has over time invested in industrialization with high diversity, large numbers of manufacturing firms and increases in the level of exports. The high industrialization has improved the gross income rate per individuals because of increased employments. The balance in the educational sector in urban and rural areas shows much parity (Lara 121-132). The government allocations in the education sector have since improved the area. Gender equality has since improved, but there are still high levels of imbalance in leadership, pay gap disparities and levels of domestic violence.
Life expectancy is far below the world standard set levels due to the low standards of health service provision in the country. The number of health service facilities available for the population is small. Most rural people have difficulty in accessing health services (International Financial Statistics Country Notes 2013 31-56). The susceptibility of the country to natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, and mudslides has consequently categorized the nation as one of the most disposed countries in the world to climate change effects. The prone to natural disasters affects the country’s economic development with few interested foreign investors.
Honduras has an unfortunate history of education, but the government is presently making efforts to improve the educational sector. Introduction of free and unavoidable education in the early levels have since improved the primary education. The country records high improvements in gender equality but still have the traditional gender roles of patriarchy still in play.
The state records the lowest in life expectancy at 63.1. The low score is basing on deficient sanitation systems, poor nutrition, and inadequate health services. According to the UN statistics, 80 percent of Haiti’s people lives below the set poverty line (The World Fact book 123-134). Consequently, malnutrition is a significant element. The slow growth in the economy reduces the opportunities for the citizen leading to high levels of unemployment reducing the average income.
Gender-based violence is one of the long-lasting problems in Haiti where the threat of violence and sexual abuse against women and girls have reverberation by poverty, inadequate security systems, and a lack of awareness for the population. The reduced levels in the economy have a resultant effect on the educational development.
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What Causes Lead to the Statistics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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