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Secrets of the Sun as an Excellent Exposition of the Technological Augmentation - Essay Example

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The essay discusses written by Douglas Cohen, Secrets of the Sun. It is a video that originally aired on April 25, 2012, on PBS and the main idea in the video is the dynamics on the energetic process that result in solar flares and storms, understanding of the sun through theories and studies…
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Secrets of the Sun as an Excellent Exposition of the Technological Augmentation
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Extract of sample "Secrets of the Sun as an Excellent Exposition of the Technological Augmentation"

The discoveries noted for the explanation of the start of solar storms and flares is that the sun generates sound waves that, according to the interviewed scientists, can be used to understand occurrences in the sun. The sound waves could be caused by the movement of fault lines similar to those of the earth creating disturbances that cause increased activity on the sun’s surface. The video goes on to expound on theories focusing on the sun’s magnetic field and an exposition of sunspots is provided. The main basis for the inclusion of the theories is the launching of the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) that has aided the scientists in the determination of the reaching of solar mars by the sun again in 2013. From this understanding, the scientists reveal that they are working on the theories and measures for the protection of the Earth from coronal mass ejections coming towards Earth. The conclusion is that there is no one theory that ultimately predicts the exact time for coronal mass ejections coming to Earth. In my opinion, Secrets of the sun is an excellent exposition of the technological augmentation of exploration equipment in terms of use of telescopes on earth and in spacecraft that have aided the understanding of the sun for better preparedness on disasters such as solar flares. It is evident that recent developments have been beneficial in getting a better understanding of the sun as shown in Secrets of the Sun and will be helpful in abating coronal mass ejections, solar flares, and storms. Read More
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(Write a Summary of the Video The Secrets of the Sun-NOVA. You May Assignment)
Write a Summary of the Video The Secrets of the Sun-NOVA. You May Assignment.
“Write a Summary of the Video The Secrets of the Sun-NOVA. You May Assignment”, n.d.
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