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Choose one of from Core and Periphery, Migration and Climate Change, GMOs, Traditional Foods and Indigenous Sovereignty - Essay Example

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Today, people can predict the effects of climate change on human migration by exploring the effects of environmental problems on migration in recent years, thus; people can choose to adapt to the problems, and do nothing, stay in the place, and mitigate the problem or migrating…
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Choose one of from Core and Periphery, Migration and Climate Change, GMOs, Traditional Foods and Indigenous Sovereignty
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Extract of sample "Choose one of from Core and Periphery, Migration and Climate Change, GMOs, Traditional Foods and Indigenous Sovereignty"

Download file to see previous pages The most recent type of climate change is global warming, mainly caused by human activities such as burning of fossil fuels, cutting down of trees among other activities. When human beings burn fossil fuels, greenhouse gases such as carbon, sulphur among other gases are emitted. When released, greenhouse gases retain heat in the atmosphere, which causes rising temperatures that in turn results to glaciers and ice caps to melt. When glaciers and ice caps melt, sea level rises and flooding among other effects follows.
A recent study by the International Red Cross indicates that recently, most refugees are due to environmental factor rather than, political factors. On the other hand, the United Nations High Commission for refugees (UNHCR) stated that, in 2009approximately thirty-six million people were displaced due to natural disaster, for example, tsunamis and volcanoes (NatGeo 6). Bangladesh is an Asian country that suffers from climatic refugees, especially due to floods. In 2007, Bangladesh reported having flood victims that suffered loss of property and turned to the Government and humanitarian assistance for relief food in Gangachara center. Apart from loss of property from the floods and cyclone, four thousand five hundred people lost their lives and approximately two million people were left homeless. The rate of migration is very high as reported by the Friendship NGO executive director, Runa Khan. He also stated that most of the migration is internal, that is, from the affected areas to the riparian islands covering at least 3.5 million climate migrants (Karim 20-22).
This map shows the most affected place in Bangladesh. This country suffers from frequent tropical cyclones due to its unique funnel shape and location. Khulna is one of the most cyclone-affected areas in the country, especially due to its location near the northern part of the Bay of Bengal. This specific part in Bangladesh affects thousands of people when cyclones and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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