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Weather Systems 2014 - Essay Example

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Those clouds were formed as a result of condensation of water vapour. The water formed on the sea and on the ground tends to be warmed up by the latent heat of vaporization which…
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Weather Systems 2014
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Download file to see previous pages Some rainfall that fall was intermitted slight while other was intermitted heavy. The intermitted slight rainfall was attributed to less okta clouds that were slightly heavier. On the contrary, the continuous heavy rainfall along the Northern parts of England was attributed to heavier Okta clouds that which were formed via accumulation of substantial amount of water vapour. Okta clouds were experienced in the North Eastern parts of British Isle. This was followed by a heavy rainfall in Stomoway region and areas surrounding this region. Heavy clouds extended towards the Northern parts of Wick and Glasgow region leading to continuous moderate amount of rainfall (Jewell, 2011). In addition, heavy clouds continued to be experienced in other Northern parts of England such as Lorwick region as indicated in the synoptic table. Okta clouds were later followed by intermitted slight amount of rainfall. Moreover, Aberdeen and North Eastern parts of England such Tiree experienced okta clouds followed by intermittent heavy rainfall. In addition, some parts of Scotland experienced can be observed that okta clouds, intermitted rainfall and moderate heavy rainfall (Sene, 2013).
The coast Eastern parts of England such as Whitby and Spum Head experienced incidence of foggy conditions. The occurrence of fog may consist of condensed droplets of water which occur as a result of air being cooled up to appoint where it cannot be able to hold water vapour. The fog in the Eastern parts of England tend to be caused by a number of factors which include but not limed to immense cooling of the air on the ground, movement of air from regions with high warmth concentration to regions with extreme coldness. In addition, the presence of rain along the Eastern parts of England could be attributed the substantial amounts of fog in Whitby and Spum Head regions. This is because ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Weather Systems 2014 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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