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Week 10 and Week 12 Discussions - Coursework Example

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It has the largest labour input in agriculture and participates in intensive agricultural practice as compared to Japan that invests less in agriculture. Japan also has fewer resources in…
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Week 10 and Week 12 Discussions
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Extract of sample "Week 10 and Week 12 Discussions"

Download file to see previous pages The effect is increasing in investments diverted to other uses other than agriculture. Japan being a manufacturing country due to its enormous amount of industries, this has resulted to huge investments in industrial projects hence the main income generating that drives the economy of Japan.
The Japanese word is used to mean ‘group’ in Japanese. In the business world, the word is used to refer to a partnership or other forms of alliances. The partners work closely to ensure that they all succeed in the invested business. Partners work towards a common goal and are all involved in making decisions concerning their organizations.
The Japanese essentially operate in quite a different manner when compared to other countries. They often consider others first before considering themselves. The other countries like the U.S believe that it is better off to consider themselves first before giving others room.
The main consequences felt while the Korean War was sexual harassment as the women were badly exploited during wartime. Those who protested against the government were killed hence their cases of the unjust murder were reported in Cheju Island. The Koreans were made to be dependent on nuclear bombs and have the largest amount of a nuclear bomb in South Korea. The Korean people and the land in general have been overexploited that there are many reported cases of pollution in the two states.
Dams help in flood control as noted by the Chinese government. The harmful gas released to the atmosphere as sulphur dioxide is reduced by dams as they are absorbed. Helps in water storage and there is a forecasting by the Chinese people that waste water can be in future treated and stored in dams for future use.
Where any dam is constructed there is pressure exerted on the natives to relocate from their land. Dams constructed alter the surrounding environment and worse off threatens the river’s wildlife. The weight exerted by huge dams ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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