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Stanley Park - Essay Example

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This essay analyses that Stanley Park was formed as a result of the evolution of the forest and the corresponding urban space over numerous years but not as a form the landscape architect. The underlying manmade structures in the Stanley Park were constructed between 1911 and 1937…
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Stanley Park
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Extract of sample "Stanley Park"

Download file to see previous pages  Large sections of the park were densely forested in the late 1800s and covered by half million trees that mainly occupied stand that was seventy-six meters, which is many centuries old. Numerous trees were lost and others were planted subsequent to the major windstorms that happened past one hundred years in the year 2006. An important effort was concentrated in the building of the near century-old Vancouver Seawall that mainly attracts numerous residents and corresponding visitors to the Stanley Park. Stanley Park also possesses features forest trails, Vancouver Aquarium, lakes, beaches, and children’s play locations.  The land where Stanley Park is situated was leased by the Vancouver’s City Council in the year 1886. The year 1908 federal government converted the lease of the Stanley Parkland by ninety-nine year. It was possess a lease that was continuously renewable by the park board in regard to the restitution. The park was officially opened in the year 1888 and named after Lord Stanley. Lord Stanley dedicated it to the utilization and enjoyment of the populace of all races, creeds and customs thus being named Stanley Park.  The building of the Lost Lagoon and the corresponding causeway of the Stanley Park took place amidst the year 1913 to corresponding 1916.The lake was built within a shallow section of the Coal Harbour and was named the Lost Lagoon because of its disappearance during low tide.  Moreover, the lake and corresponding causeway into the Stanley Park was designed by Thomas Mawson.   ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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