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Commodity chain & a pair of Steve Madden shoe - Assignment Example

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Snickers is a chocolate bar that is made by Mars Incorporated1 which consists of nougat that is topped with caramel and peanuts which are all covered in milk chocolate. These Snickers Bars have a yearly worldwide sale of over two billion dollars. In the United Kingdom, Ireland…
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Commodity chain & a pair of Steve Madden shoe
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Extract of sample "Commodity chain & a pair of Steve Madden shoe"

Download file to see previous pages Mars family and there exist varieties of other Snickers goods such as the, dark chocolate, ice cream, bars that contain almonds as well as bars made out of peanut butter.
The ingredients that go into the production of Snickers include milk chocolate that consists of sugar, cocoa butter, skim milk, lactose, milk fat, soy lecithin as well as artificial flavor. Other ingredients are salt, peanuts, soybean oil that has been moderately hydrogenated, egg whites, corn syrup, chocolate and synthetic flavors2. The Snicker bar is actually the bestselling chocolate of all time that is manufactured by the Mars group, which is situated in New Jersey in the United States, but the ingredients that go into the final product are sourced from different places in the Americas. For instance, the paper that is used to wrap the bar after it has been manufactured is produced in Canada, sugar that goes into the Snickers Bars comes from Brazil, peanut from Argentina, corn syrup from Iowa, chocolate cocoa from Guyana, vanilla from Mexico and milk from Wisconsin. All these ingredients are sourced and brought together in the manufacturing stage to come up with the final product that is the Snickers Bar.
Once all the ingredients that are needed in the manufacturing process have been collected by the company, the processes of manufacturing the Snickers bar then begins. It is usually very rare to find companies that produce chocolate buying the cocoa that is needed in the manufacture directly from the farmers, as they have to buy through the intermediaries or the sub-suppliers. The cocoa is fermented in a process that may take almost a week and after this process3, the beans are supposed to be dried as soon as possible to makes sure that it does not grow mould and also to give it the rich chocolate flavor.
After the semi-sweet chocolate has been processed, it is mixed with butterscotch chips, peanut butter, milk, sugar, vanilla, marshmallow cream and butter. The mixture of these ingredients ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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