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Global Climate Change Issue in an Inconvenient Truth Documentary - Movie Review Example

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This paper "Global Climate Change Issue in an Inconvenient Truth Documentary" focuses on the fact that the advocacy contained in An Inconvenient Truth is already a given or a factual information today that is accepted as a reality rather than a subject that can be debated. …
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Global Climate Change Issue in an Inconvenient Truth Documentary
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Extract of sample "Global Climate Change Issue in an Inconvenient Truth Documentary"

With what is happening in our environment today where global warming is now evident in our planet with the fiercer storm, frequent floods, warmer weather, and other weather-related calamities, that cost us lives and properties destroyed, his argument that global warming is already upon us is now accepted as a given fact. Krislov just reiterated the fact that “decades of climate research show that global warming is happening and human activity is a driving cause”.
Gore’s arguments are already common to the modern audience because his arguments are also used by other environmentalist groups and advocates to increase the awareness of the public about climate change. In fact, many academe today include Gore’s documentary An Inconvenient Truth as part of their curriculum to educate students about climate change. So it is no longer an argument for me. Gore’s discussion about the possibility of melting glaciers in Antarctica has already been documented in-camera by National Geographic that would cause the atmosphere to warm and thus, presented compelling evidence that it happened and is still happening right before our very eyes. This similar demonstration of melting glacial sheets was also shown in the documentary An Inconvenient Truth except that we thought about it as an exaggeration. The carbon emission that started it all is also given and everybody knows about that already. In fact, right now, governments are already contemplating to make it an official policy with many people thinking that it is already long overdue.  Read More
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