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Is there a causal relationship between proximity to power plants and cancer cases - Essay Example

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The plants generate radiation. The radiation boils the trapped water. The boiled water is transformed to thermal energy. The thermal energy makes the turbines to run. The running turbine makes generators produce…
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Is there a causal relationship between proximity to power plants and cancer cases
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Extract of sample "Is there a causal relationship between proximity to power plants and cancer cases"

Download file to see previous pages The floating Chernobyl explosion radiation particles contaminated the cow’s milk products. Similarly, milk products from the nearby Satre Selo Village and the Perehodichi Village were contaminated. The Chernobyl cows’ ate the radiation-infected grass. The grass grew on radiation- contaminated farm soil (Stepanova et al., 2008). The residents’ eating contaminated cow’s milk was a confounder variable. The winds’ blowing the radioactive particles to particular community is another confounder variable. The people’s long exposure within the vicinity of the Chernobyl community is a third confounder variable. If there were no cows eating the grass, the people will not drink the cows’ milk or eat the infected cows’ meat. Consequently, the number of cancer incidents would favourably decline.
Consequently, the contamination spread. The contaminated soil contaminated the grass that grew on the contaminated soil. Next, the cows ate the -radiation contaminated grass. By eating the contaminated grass, the cows were contaminated with radiation. When the farmers extracted the milk from the cows, the milk products were contaminated by the Chernobyl radiation (Zamostian et al., 2002). The contaminated soil was another confounder that increased the number of cancer incidents within the Chernobyl community. Another confounder was the quantity of contaminated food eaten. With more people eating radiation-contaminated food, more people died from the deadly cancer ailment.
Further, the Chernobyl accident research focused on soil contamination measurements from Ukraine’s 38 Narodichesky region communities (Karmaus et al., 2008) The six year research included children respondents belonging to the 18 years old and below age range. The PROC MIXED linear measurement model to gather radiation data, controlling confounders. The findings indicate erythrocyte, blood ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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