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Most importantly, antagonistic labor unions fear that free trade will result into increased competition from non-unionized businesses promoted by…
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Home work
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Home Work Home Work File Why Many Labor Unions Have Opposed NAFTA and Free Trade Labor unions have unwaveringly opposed NAFTA and free trade because they view NAFTA trade deals as flowed and doomed for failure. Most importantly, antagonistic labor unions fear that free trade will result into increased competition from non-unionized businesses promoted by free trade.
Why Many Environmentalists Have Opposed NAFTA and Free Trade
Many environmentalists who vehemently oppose NAFTA and free trade argue that NAFTA invited rapid cross-boarder industrialization while establish minimal multinational regulations for protecting the environment. In their perception, if NAFTA was non-existent or if the treaty incorporated more enforcement provisions, there would be lower environmental degradation and environmental clean up would never be a burden to the citizens.
Why Indigenous Groups like the Zapatistas Oppose NAFTA and Free Trade
Zapatista National Liberation Army’s point of opposing NAFTA and free trade was grounded on the concept of “Land and Liberty”. That is, the rebellion was ecologically motivated. The revolt region, Chiapas, had three distinct ecological zones, threatened by industrialization. With NAFTA, the indigenous people would be affected because of increased tariffs, which the Zapatistas viewed as a death warrant for the native people.
Why the US Pay Some Farmers to Keep Their Land Out Of Production
The US government pays farmers not to produce portraying the program as environmental protection initiative. However, the program substituted price support programs fro farmers and is clearly a form of income support initiative. This practice should continue as long as there is enough food supply to the US citizens and farmers are actually willing to give up farming.
Possible Content of Fourth Agricultural Revolution
The fourth agricultural revolution might focus on growing food in areas of close proximity to the market to reduce the impact of emission through burning fossil fuels during transportation of farm produce to markets. It is likely to entail utilitarian urban ecology with green roof tops.
File 2
The Extent to Which More-Developed Countries Are Responsible For the Underdevelopment of the Third World and the Extent to Which LDCs Are Responsible For Their Underdevelopment
In early periods, natives of LDCs were ferried to Europe and America, depleting LDCS, especially Africa, of its workforce and pumping slaves in their own systems for development purposes. Also, global economic policies are in such a way that they favor developed nations while they oppress LDCs. However, LDCs are also to be held responsible for their underdevelopment for numerous reasons. First, LDCs are characterized by poor leadership that lacks accountability. Second, LDCs population growth is far much above the rate of economic growth, putting a lot of strain on available resources. Third, LDCs are characterized by political instability, which is an enemy to development progress.
Effect of High Population Growth on Development Prospects of Poor Countries
Rapid population growth reduces development prospects in poor nations because it detracts the chances of achieving development goals in such countries. High population growth can adversely impact the standards of living where the rate of population growth surpasses available resources.
How the Theories of Industrial Revolution Relate To the Concept of Development
The concept of development entails improved standards of living through economic empowerment and increased choice. It focuses on people and emphasizes the ability of the current population to be satisfied with available resources without jeopardizing the ability to meet the needs of future generations. The theories of industrial revolution are concern with increased food production through improved technology and thus better living standards.
The Extent to Which Spatial Diffusion Theories Relate to the Concept of Development
The theories of spatial diffusion focus on the transmission of ideas from one system to another. They explain how ideas evolved with transition from one generation to another with the aim of achieving effective production means and ensuring better standards of living, which is the fundamental focus of development.
Why Industrial and Scientific Revolution Emerged First In Europe Allowing It to Colonize Much of the World
Major social and institutional changes that followed the death of feudalism promoted industrial revolution in Europe. The culture and good governance spurred industrial revolution, which triggered scientific revolution in the region. With the ability to produce firearms, the Europeans had the power to rule over the world. Read More
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Home Work Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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