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Fiji - Essay Example

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The total land area of circa is about 18,300 square kilometers. The republic is located midway between Vanuatu and Tonga. This essay aims at…
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There is data available to show the population of Fiji in 2013 and how it relates to the total World Average. The Population of world averages at about 7,137 million people and to this number, Fiji adds about 0.9 million which is the total population of the republic. The projected population of Fiji is within the range of 1.1 million while the projected population statistics of the world is marked at about 9,727 million. According to this data, details show that the Crude Birth Rate is 21 in Fiji; it is higher than the world average. This would mean that more people get born as compared to the projected demographics. The total rate of fertility is recorded at 2.6 in Fiji that is a slight difference from the figure projected in average across the world at 2.5. This would mean that many more people are to be born because the crude birth rate and death rate are one point higher than the world average.
Fiji, as a country is not fully developed and so it can be considered as a developing country. The proof of this is that the TFR (total fertility rate) of Fiji at the range of 2.6 which is somehow close to the world TFR and this makes Fiji one of the greatest reflections of the general rates of population growth expected from the entire world. The economy of this developing country is, however, still not fully developed because it relies on the tertiary industry to help facilitate the development of the economy to the levels that can be said to compete with other developing or developed countries in the world. The data presented to support this fact comes from the International Merchandise Trade Statistics whereby they showed provisional data for October 2013 which showed that the total imports were at $447.6 million while the total exports were shown to stand at $228.7 million. When comparisons are made with ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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