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Multiculturalism - Research Proposal Example

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The paper "Multiculturalism" explores the aspect of multiculturalism and its importance in society today. The paper will explore the meaning of multiculturalism. This is important, as different people have assigned meaning to this term, based on different principles…
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Extract of sample "Multiculturalism"

Download file to see previous pages This also applies to the aspect of multiculturalism. Multiculturalism remains a controversial issue in many regions, including Canada. While some people consider it negative, some view it as positive. Nonetheless, the importance of multiculturalism is quite evident, thus it is important to explore the evidence that shows that multiculturalism is important in society.
Thesis Statement/central argument A key argument in this proposal is that multiculturalism is a good thing in society, and so people need to embrace and develop this phenomenon, in order to realize development in various aspects of their lives and country. Methods and procedures In order to provide evidence to support the argument in this proposal, the method of literature review will be utilized. In this method, evidence will be drawn from past literature, which has focused on multiculturalism, as well as how this is important for the realization of development in the life of an individual, and in society as a whole. Evidence and sources that will be used to support the argument The sources used will be drawn from various journals. Journal articles are authentic, thus reliable for supporting major arguments. Additionally, these provide valid information, which is also reliable and can be used for reference purposes. In total, seven journal articles will be utilized. These are published in various journals and focus on the issue of multiculturalism. Using these sources will help to support the argument that has been advanced in the proposal. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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...a multicultural state, the nation must be a multi-ethnic; the cultures should be open, self-critical, and interactive in their relations with other each other (Interviews by Cindi John, 2004). It means welcomming, living, sharing and caring for and with culturally diverse people. This diversity comes from people who migrate from their respective nations in search for better conditions than those available back home. Most often the reason cited for this immigration is for a look out of a prospective job, however reasons such as looking for a safe and secure environment can also be seen. The immigration of muslim communities to muslim nations is one such example. The roots of Multiculturalism in the US...
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... Globalization is one major factor that promotes the importance of multiculturalism in Australia as well as in the other countries all over the world. Particularly the geographical location of Australia being so much closer to the Eastern hemisphere enables the country to share similar business practices with the Asian countries. Since Australia shares similar time zones with the Asian countries, Australia needs to maintain a good business relationship with the Asians. In fact, business dealing between Australia and the Asian countries is gradually increasing over the years. Due to globalization, a lot of foreign individuals go to another country for vacation purposes, to look for a better job opportunity, or for permanent residency...
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...Multiculturalism Some people define multiculturalism as a way to bring cultures together. They say that it is a way to study many cultures and get to understand how we can learn from each other. According to the readings we have studied multiculturalism is more about people tolerating and understanding the differences that people have and learning to embrace them in some way. This does not mean that another culture will be totally accepted but if everyone is the position of understanding they can at least get an understanding if the differences. Many people say that we need to celebrate the differences in people instead of pushing them away. We have to get rid of the stereotypes and learn to embrace the strengths that everyone brings...
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.... The sense of superiority tends to prevail in this type of people and this is the root cause of discrimination amongst these individuals. The gap of multiculturalism can be bridged only if certain factors are kept in mind. These factors include the fact that the races and gender forget that they are superior to each other and consider all of the individuals around them equal. Individuals from different races should not consider the individuals from other races as different to them and bridge the gaps between them. This major factor would help the races to realize each others importance and would help them to move in life together with the help of each other. Multiculturalism can be bridged together if different cultures are amalgamated...
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.... Therefore, evolving a system where various kinds of people live together in harmony becomes essential. The very concept of multiculturalism was brought in by the evolution of such a social system in the USA. The Cultural Influence A general concept can be framed that the association of many cultural models in civilized communities give birth to a commonly accepted new one in the absence of specific dominance by any of them. In many events, collective immigration to a particular province of the country can also force a situation in which a new culture is forced upon the existing community. The paper named ‘American Identity, Citizenship and Multiculturalism’ which was presented by Diana Owen, the associate professor of political science...
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Multiculturalism Writing on the ways in which multiculturalism impacts the workforce of global organizations, Weeks (2001) noted that it is virtually impossible to go global when the workforce cannot be one that can also be described to be global. Meanwhile, Christensen (2011) emphasized that practicing multiculturalism opens organizations up to have a workforce that is made up of people from as many cultural backgrounds that represents globalizing of the workforce. Leaders of organizations that practice multiculturalism have also been identified to have the peculiar advantage of applying global leadership (Weeks, 2001). This is because it is only through global leadership that the unique and...
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...y. This refers to the diversity of two or more cultures in the same region or country (Kymlicka, 2012). A comparative analysis and evaluation of various countries policies on immigration shows a clear disparity in terms of level of acceptance and recognition of the minority immigrant community by the natives. Europe still lags behind in terms of adjusting their rules to accommodate immigrants among themselves and treat them as equal in terms of socio-cultural and political rights and privileges. United States has been promoting a similar cultural diversification campaign but is yet to fully realize its efforts. Canada is at the center of multiculturalism debate due to its popular positive approach that stands out in terms of global...
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...opic and try to come with a remedy to ensure that people can embrace each other’s cultural diversity. This will also prevent cultural profiling which is common among different people in the society. Key Information and Literature On the bid to address the issue, many writers have tried to project ways in which people can take advantage of the situation without allowing the division to creep in. According to Clarence Page a contributor in the Chicago Tribune, the way the issue is being addressed in the United States has left more rifts rather than proposing a reconciling strategy. Mathew Lynch writing about multiculturalism in schools notes that it is important to teach students at an early age how to embrace each other’s diversity...
2 Pages (500 words) Research Proposal


...Reflection: Multiculturalism Reflection: Multiculturalism The main issue that has covered in our lecture s is about multiculturalism. According to its definition, multiculturalism basically describes the concept of being accommodative to diversity exhibited by people. In this case, each and every person should acknowledge that there is a large number of cultures and ways of life in the entire world. In this case, I think that with the wake of globalization, it is the high time that individuals and society embrace that the entire world belongs to a large number of people that cannot be stopped by physical barriers. This, therefore, means that the society should open its cultural boundaries to allow other people to practice their ways...
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Canadian Multiculturalism

... and interaction between cultures (Garcea et al, 2008). The constant criticism it has brought forth of the existing policies of multiculturalism and maintains the ideology that multiculturalism failed to include different cultures within our society, and instead it has divided society and has isolated and accentuated their specificity e. g. Québec. The question that arises in particular; Is Canadian Multiculturalism the same as it was before? Therefore, the primary goal of this paper is to outline multicultural policies in Canada in an historical context. Thus this will relate to the change from the ‘new nationalism’ to a philosophy of multiculturalism as the basis of the national identities of English-speaking Canada. Afterwards...
8 Pages (2000 words) Essay
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