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Top Origin and Destination Locations - Essay Example

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The main countries I will focus on are the USA and Mexico.USA is the destination country while Mexico is the emigration country. Listed are the push factors and pull factors between the two…
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Top Origin and Destination Locations
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Extract of sample "Top Origin and Destination Locations"

Top Origin and Destination Locations Several factors have contributed to migrations of people from their countries. The main countries I will focus on are the USA and Mexico.USA is the destination country while Mexico is the emigration country. Listed are the push factors and pull factors between the two countries.
Poverty: is a situation when an individual cannot meet the basic needs required for the survival. Several Mexicans live under extreme conditions of poverty. The poor conditions in Mexico have made many people in Mexico to seek other favorable conditions in the USA in order to attain prosperity and wealth due to the attractive facilities in the USA (Monto, pg 8).
Unemployment: the unstable conditions in Mexico due to lack of stable economy has led to an increase in the number of people unemployed yearly. This has facilitated the increase in the number of the Mexican citizens who migrant to USA to seek better employment opportunities. However, this is ironical due to poor skills the immigrants have in handling the jobs available. This leads to most of the immigrants finding themselves jobless even after migration to USA (Alexander, pg6).
Wealth: Most of the people in USA are admired due to the perception that the people live in comfort and luxury. This has been a key factor that pull people to migrant to USA to seek these luxuries and comfort those citizens of the USA tend to enjoy (Alexander, pg5).
Employment: USA for a long period of time has been acquiring employees from Mexico due to industrious nature of the Mexican citizens. Again the unemployment in Mexico has further contributed to their curiosity to migrant to USA to seek these opportunities for them to prosper in life in terms of wealth generation and happiness. In conclusion, the USA government tends to employ most of the Mexican due to their hand working character.
Mainly, the focus is on Michigan and Taxes states of the USA that have had migration of people due to the various accelerating factors between the two states. Migration out of Michigan is due to:
Poverty: The level of poverty in Michigan is very high. This has resulted from poor governance and economic hardships in the state. Most of the cities in this state are very insecure and this discourages investment back into the state.
Violence: This state has experienced lots of violence in form of murder, rapes, assault by the police and armed robbery. This has led to lose of hope for people living in this state propelling them to look for better places to live like Texas near Dallas.
Factors that led to migration to Texas
Texas is a state in USA blessed with lots of industries. The natural oils and gas are produced in this state creating lots of job opportunities for people. Besides employment opportunities, lots of income is generated in this state because of the good working conditions in all the sectors of employment.
Security: Texas has a good security system that is attractive to people that is also facilitated by good living conditions that are hard to ignore for an immigrant from Michigan.
Work cited
Monto,Alexander.The Roots of Mexican Labor Migration.1994.Westport CT:Praeger. Read More
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