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The Processes that Occur in a Network - Coursework Example

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The paper "The Processes that Occur in a Network" concerns the sharing of information and resources through the initial network implementations, focusing on the big picture of the process that occurs when a student accesses the X-Stream Server from a remote location. …
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The Processes that Occur in a Network
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Extract of sample "The Processes that Occur in a Network"

Download file to see previous pages There are several processes that are running concurrently, both at server and client ends, to make this communication a success. Thorough knowledge of these devices and their roles, protocols, and associated technologies, at various levels of the network, is required for understanding the process that takes place in a network for communication to occur successfully. Analyzing the process at various layers of a network demands a methodical comprehension of a ‘broad brush’ picture of the communication channel and protocol stack that might be at work behind the scene.
More often than not, access to private networks, like the X-Stream server from our home or some other remote location is materialized through Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology. VPN is used to access a private network, like a university Learning Management System (LMS), over a public network like the Internet. When a student access X-Stream Server over a public network, this implementation of a VPN is known to be an ‘Access VPN’. VPN ensures secure access to the private resource through the implementation of security at various layers of the communication channel. As VPN runs over a TCP/IP network, therefore an insight into the TCP/IP stack is a prerequisite to know exactly what processes are run and catered for in a VPN implementation over a TCP/IP packet-switched network.
TCP/IP is the most commonly used group of protocols over the Internet as well as on private networks. TCP/IP has an operational and functional association with seven layers of OSI Modal. The four layers used to define the communication spectrum over the TCP/IP suite of protocols include; Application Layer, Host to Host Layer, Internet Layer, and Network Access Layer. The process that occurs on the network is mainly the study of data as it travels through the TCP/IP stack because WAN is only used as a vehicle. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Processes that Occur in a Network Coursework - 1.
(The Processes That Occur in a Network Coursework - 1)
The Processes That Occur in a Network Coursework - 1.
“The Processes That Occur in a Network Coursework - 1”.
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