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Deviation in the process metric - Essay Example

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Formerly, organizations adhered to the rule, "If it isn't broken, don't fix it." But crisis managers are now strongly advising "If it isn't broken, look for the cracks before they get too large to fix." (National Hotline Services, Inc. 2005)
There is a significant difference between proactive and reactive approach in the way how an organization is used to solve its problems…
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Deviation in the process metric
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Extract of sample "Deviation in the process metric"

Download file to see previous pages So attempts to remove or replicate a deviation that occurred in the past are being made as a reaction to those changes.
In the reactive state, the team looked at cause and effect. In proactive mode, attention shifts to the "likely cause" and "likely effect." Lean teams in this phase spend time shaping the future: looking for potential problems and opportunities and ways to avoid or exploit them.
After the potential problem analysis, the team addresses the likely cause of a process performance decline by taking preventive actions. If, despite preventive actions, the likely cause does occur, the team is prepared for damage control with planned contingency actions.
Potential opportunity analysis helps teams explore the future for better-than-planned process performance, helping them promote the likely cause so process performance exceeds expectations. They take promoting actions to capitalize on the potential positive effect. When things do go better, they are prepared to take full advantage of the opportunity.
For example, a company has Support Departments which reacts on users' complains about network performance. Reactive approach is to react on each user's request asking him or her to wait while network be unloaded. Proactive approach in this case is to purchase and install new network equipment that is more costly and takes more time. But proactive approach advantages in strategic outlook because as a result number of users' complains in Support Departments decreases.
3. Illustrate how an organization could use outsourcing to gain a competitive edge on competition.
An organization could use outsourcing for managing network security. When this part of work is entrusted to professionals they do it in qualitative manner and for lesser money, what really gives a competitive advantage to the organization.
Schweitzer (2004) writes that for some organizations, network management operations may be better served through outsourcing. Freeing up some of staff's administrative duties may merit farming out perhaps a portion of the company's network management tasks. With so many vendors now offering a plenty of services, including remote monitoring and management of networks, it's not difficult to find prices that fall within a range of budgetary parameters. The outsourcing alternative can ease the sometimes perplexing burden of network management.
In the end, an effective network security team will exercise a comprehensive management approach that applies both proactive and reactive elements. Individual businesses should engage knowledgeable managers to examine the needs of the company and make choices as to the best courses of action to ensure the highest level of network security available, whether via proactive or reactive means. (Schweitzer 2004)
5. Analyze the assertion that "Security is as much a human problem as a technical problem."
When the personal information of hundreds of thousands of individuals comes upon swindlers, many people think that careless computer or ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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