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Cyberworlds - Essay Example

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The object of this game is to build your city as fast as you can by increasing your land area and building the community using your energy points and other assists from people in your friends list. One…
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Extract of sample "Cyberworlds"

Cyberworlds I am a regular player of the online Facebook based social game ville. The object of this game is to build your as fast as you can by increasing your land area and building the community using your energy points and other assists from people in your friends list. One interacts with his neighbors or friends who are also building their cities by assisting each other in the completion of necessary tasks that allows one to level up in the game.
While I was in my city, I noticed that the other characters in the game, whose names are all the names of my friends, would drop by and give me assists even though I have not asked for it. Their avatars would come over and help me clear a field or build a house, even run a business. This added to the social interactivity of the game. By helping each other out in the tasks, we managed to get to know each other quite well in the cyberworld that we functioned in.
It was fun to relate to one another in this world because we could not see what the other looked like at the moment and we did not care. As long as the game avatars did as they were told by their controllers, the game was a peaceful and friendly one. That is perhaps the reason why I sometimes find myself spending as much as 12 hours in a day playing the game. My friends and I go on adventurous treks through the forests in this game and accomplish a lot thanks to the power of cooperation.
Due to the numerous fun activities that can be done within the virtual world and the fact that I can interact with other people in the social world who may or may not be in my friends list, I find that I enjoy being a part of this virtual reality.
It is because of the easy access that my friends and I have into each others virtual world that I found myself coming to the realization that a virtual world can actually exist and the place becomes real, because my friends and I can see it on our monitors and we can touch each other through the virtual world action lists. This means that what is virtual to most has become reality to us. That is why I disagree with the statement from our reading that dictates that : “... place” and “virtual” cannot coexist: there is no “place” in the virtual beyond the metaphor. “
The two places can actually exist because the technology exists to make the place real for the game participants. Everything from the headset microphones to the personalized avatars allows us to communicate with one another instantly and share concerns that for the bystanders are “virtual” concerns but for the players are “real” concerns. We need to find real world solutions that can be applied to virtual settings so in effect the two worlds can and actually does exist for the player.
The only concern I have about the game is that because it encourages so much virtual activity on the part of the participants, sometimes we lose track of time and can no longer interact outside of the virtual world. As everyone knows, real time interaction is still important and although simulated in the cyberworld, still forms the stronger and more solid foundation of trust and friendship among people. That is because avatars, for all of its technological savvy, are still just that, virtual representations of the real thing. Read More
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Cyberworlds Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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