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The Occurrence of Disastrous Natural Calamities - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes the chances of the vulnerability of the power lines to a natural disaster like storm and hurricane. The hurricane sandy has caused millions of people in Northeast to live without power for days. The Connecticut city had 90% living in darkness as hurricane sandy swept fiercely…
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The Occurrence of Disastrous Natural Calamities
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Extract of sample "The Occurrence of Disastrous Natural Calamities"

Topic Should the Northeast Bury its Power Lines to Prevent Outages? Natural disasters are part of anybody’s life and every country with big or small infrastructure should make preventive measure in order to save them from horrendous natural catastrophe. For example, the arrival of storm sandy and the disaster caused by it could have been minimized if the Government would have taken some precautions. Due to sandy, millions of home suffered power outage in America and this was because the power line of the region was not buried underground. According to (Fecht)“After blasting the Northeast with 80-mile-per-hour winds, Hurricane Sandy has left 6 million people without power”. It is highly necessary for the authorities to take action to bury the power lines underground, as this will avoid the chances of vulnerability of the power lines to natural disaster like storm and hurricane.
The hurricane sandy has caused millions of people in Northeast to live without power for days. The Connecticut city had 90% living in darkness as hurricane sandy swept fiercely through the city damaging all the power lines. Considering this dangerous fact, it is strongly recommendable to the electricity providers to take action to bury power lines underground to avoid further mishaps. Being a super power, America need to be more thoughtful regarding their infrastructure and power providing system. If the power lines are laid outside then, any natural disaster can harm the electricity supply of the nation. But the government is not considering building power line underground as the cost for the same is high. Because the power lines where constructed above the ground, there was explosion of power station in the North east during sandy’s arrival.
In recent times, America has been encountering numerous natural disasters like hurricane, typhoon, storms and wild fires. So the government keeping in mind of these disasters must make immediate strategy to combat catastrophe. Any government must priorities the citizen’s security and quality of life, as the government is by the people, for the people and of the people. North east America being a cold region needs power and electricity more than other areas of US. The government being cost conscious understood their mistake only when disastrous sandy affected the region. Now that the sandy has destroyed the power lines of North east America, the cost incurred by the government is more than imagined.
Government’s ignorance and lack of alertness has caused much hassles and disruption in the life of millions of people. If the power lines of these region were buried underground, then the houses would not have experienced black outs. The people are still living without power and suffering with cold and this little ignorance on the part of the government has caused many losses to citizens and government simultaneously. Actually it is affordable for the government to install power cables when the buildings were constructed from scratch, but now installing power lines underground can cost more. It will cost millions of dollars to bury power cables underground and this would be taxed on consumers in the end. However, the citizens paying little more for their own safety and security can be more appreciated than ending up in complete black out at the occurrence of disastrous natural calamities like sandy.
Work Cited
Fecht, Sarah. "Should the Northeast Bury its Power Lines to Prevent Outages? ." Popular Mechanics, 31 Oct. 2012. Web. 12 Nov. 2012. Read More
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