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The Western Part of Scotland - Assignment Example

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In the paper “The Western Part of Scotland” the author discusses the region found in the Western part of Scotland, which has an altitude ranging between 50m to 450m above the sea level. The highest point of this place lies on the eastern part…
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The Western Part of Scotland
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Extract of sample "The Western Part of Scotland"

The Western Part of Scotland
This region found in the Western part of Scotland has an altitude ranging between 50m to 450m above the sea level. The highest point of this place lies on the eastern part and it slopes towards the western region. Diorite and granite rocks are found on the highest parts (South Western parts). These two rocks are igneous rocks formed as a result of volcanic activities. They have different composition of quartz, feldspar and hornblende. They are found on the surface and dates about 400,000,000 years ago. Apart from these two rocks, alkali basalt or dykes are also scattered in this part and dates 66±0.4Ma.
The mid altitude regions ranging from 250m to 350m is covered by all categories of rocks, igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary. These include orthogneiss, psammite, trandjhemite, pellite, amphibolites and spenifex komatiite dating 800,000,000 million years ago. The lower regions (below 250m) mainly consist of pebby sandstone, conglomate sandstone, limestone, white sandstone and pegmatite dykes dating about 180,000,000 years ago.
Slope = 0.005689
Intercept = 0.705075
87Sr/86Srm = 87Sr/86Sri + (87Rb/86Srm)eλt-1
Where λ is decay constant = 1.42 X 10-11 yr-1 and t is age in years
The equation takes the form y = mx + c where eλt-1 is equal to the gradient
Rearranging gives t =
Ln(1.005689) ÷ 1.42 X 10-11 yr-1
4.00 X 108 years
Slope = 0.000938
Intercept = 0.702972

t =
ln(1.000938) ÷ 1.42 X 10-11 yr-1

6.60 X 107 years

Slope = 0.006697115
Intercept = 0.703003887
t =
ln(1.006697115) ÷ 1.42 X 10-11 yr-1
4.70 X 108 years
Slope = 0.002623359
Intercept = 0.512246316
t =
ln(1.002623359) ÷ 1.42 X 10-11 yr-1
1.85 X 108 years
Slope = 0.002508193
Intercept = 0.715861399
t =
ln(1.002508193) ÷ 1.42 X 10-11 yr-1
1.76 X 108 years
Clinopyroxene and whole-rock pairs
Slope = 0.012135408
Intercept = 0.51042713
t =
ln(1.012135408) ÷ 1.42 X 10-11 yr-1
9.00 X108 years
Whole-rock data

Slope = 0.012674
Intercept = 0.510302
t =
ln(1.012674) ÷ 1.42 X 10-11 yr-1
8.87 X 108 years Read More
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The Western Part of Scotland Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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