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Dynamics of Inclusion and Exclusion in Urban and Suburban Spaces - Essay Example

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My fear is not in any way baseless I have had the unfortunate chance of being in a mortuary once. From the moment, I stepped into the morgue; I felt my feet lose their balance and had to be…
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Dynamics of Inclusion and Exclusion in Urban and Suburban Spaces
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Extract of sample "Dynamics of Inclusion and Exclusion in Urban and Suburban Spaces"

Dynamics of Inclusion & Exclusion in Urban & Suburban Spaces The place that sends chills down my spine, just at the thought of it, is a mortuary. My fear is not in any way baseless I have had the unfortunate chance of being in a mortuary once. From the moment, I stepped into the morgue; I felt my feet lose their balance and had to be supported by a friend, the cold air and the distinct smell of dead bodies that was so putrid just made me feel like puking up and at that point, I left the morgue.
To me, it is unfathomable how someone can work in a place like that, although desperate times call for desperate measures I cannot think of a situation that would make me desperate enough to be found working in a morgue. The environment that surrounds the dead, that coldness and loneliness, together with all the mythical ghosts so to say; literally drives fear in me. The fact that a mortuary is a place that, in every way, no matter how one tries to view it or interpret its purpose is a place that harbors or stores corpses is very scary to me.
On the other hand, the safest place in the world, in my opinion, is the church. The stillness and serenity that is in the church gives one the sense of purpose and renewed sense in life. This is what gives me the peace to live a full, successful life. The church brings out the good in everything and everyone even death. It gives hope that there is life after death. Although, we may lose loved ones through death, we have the hope of seeing them again in the next life. It teaches us that we should live this life with joy and peace valuing everyone we meet in life because it is this peaceful living, which helps one live a complete and happy life.
These two environments are total opposites of one another. One environment is very hostile and unfriendly; the other one is very friendly and serene. The coldness, loneliness and deathly aura that surrounds a mortuary, bring with it the feeling of fear and danger, while the peaceful and serene aura that comes with being in and around the church, brings with it peace and tranquility. These experiences that have showed me the geographical contrast of two situations that in one way or the other, affected my life, showed me that different environments bring out different experiences in one’s life and that all experiences no matter how trivial, affect us, in one way, or the other.
The environment does affect how someone lives his or her life. Taking an example of the people living on the sidewalks who are accustomed to the hard surfaces even if their rights to vend there were taken away its been shown that they would still find it better to live there than to move on (Schweik 112). This example clearly shows how much the environment and the feeling that come with being in a certain environment clearly affect the lifestyle one lives.
Works Cited
Schweik, Susan. The Ugly Laws: Disability in Public. New York; London: New York University Press, 2009. Print. Read More
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Dynamics of Inclusion and Exclusion in Urban and Suburban Spaces Essay.
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