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Zoning ordinance of Dearborn city in Michigan, USA - Research Paper Example

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The city of Dearborn located in Michigan, USA passed an ordinance to standardize and restrict the location in terms of usage of buildings or structures for business, trade and residence either for public, semi-public or other specified uses…
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Zoning ordinance of Dearborn city in Michigan, USA
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Extract of sample "Zoning ordinance of Dearborn city in Michigan, USA"

Download file to see previous pages The ordinance included size of the open spaces required, density of population and required parking spaces for avoiding traffic congestion (Municode, “City Of Dearborn Zoning Ordinance”). The zoning ordinance was adopted in the year 1993. It was further amended in 2011. However, a code enforcement officer was not available with the municipality of Dearborn (Municode, “Zoning Ordinance”). The Dearborn Zoning Board of Appeals consists of:
• Christopher Gibbs – Chairperson
• Stephen Gedert - Vice Chairman
• Kenneth Gusfa – Secretary
• Gary Jefferson, and Susan Binder – Commissioners
Technical Advisors: Bill DeBiasi - Assistant City Attorney; Thomas Paison - Zoning Administrator; Stephen Guile - Commercial Services are also included in the Board of Appeals. The meetings of the board are conducted on the third or fourth Thursday of every month in the City Council Chambers at City Hall (City of Dearborn, “ZBA Meeting Minutes”).

Thesis Statement
The discussion intends to highlight the information relating to zoning ordinance of Dearborn city in Michigan, USA and the related purposes of the various zones. The discussion will also attempt to analyze a particular case and identify the kind of violation made with regard to the specifications of the ordinance. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Zoning Ordinance of Dearborn City in Michigan, USA Research Paper.
“Zoning Ordinance of Dearborn City in Michigan, USA Research Paper”, n.d.
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