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Information about Australia - Essay Example

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 This essay " Information about Australia" discusses a rich cultural background. Australia is located below the equator and above Antarctica on the world map and on the left of the Pacific Ocean and the right of the Indian Ocean. It has six states and two territories…
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Information about Australia
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Extract of sample "Information about Australia"

 Australia is the driest continent on the earth with a 19 million population who mostly live on the coastline. And even though Aborigines were the first nation to thrive on this land, Australia is a diverse continent, with different kinds of art, cooking, cowboys, sports, and structures rampant. Europeans came and perceived Aborigines to be primitive and tried to suppress and drive them out, but even thought their rights were usurped, some of them remain.

It is a hot nation with a humid and arid climate and the aridest centre. The coast is where most people prefer to live. Perth is the largest and most populated state of Australia and the Northern territory which is the closest to the equator is the hottest and most humid. Therefore the location and climate of Australia make it dry and hot. (Ann)
Australia is a multicultural society with the primary religion being Christianity, and other religions such as Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Judaism also being prevalent in the continent. Australia places great importance on education and the future. (youtube, YouTube)

There are 39 world-class universities, thousands of students from over 180 nations, and research that actually has had a global impact. They also focus on health, building a sustainable environment, new technology and also building a unique learning environment for students. (Austrade) Read More
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Information about Australia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 342 Words.
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