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These two places differ - Essay Example

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Due to the differing resource requirements in enrolling in these two fitness centers, it will be inevitable that the people who will frequent to this gym will be categorized according to financial capacity. The economic disparity of these people will become obvious in this…
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These two places differ
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Download file to see previous pages In contrast, 24 hours gym caters to the lower end of the market and caters to the mass market.
Due to the huge disparity of the economic requirements of these two gyms, the people who frequents there can easily be categorized according to their income status. The people who goes to Equinox are typically professionals, business people, some entertainers and their dependents. They are typically well-off and rich and sports with designer clothes during work out. The people in Equinox gym have more choices where to train other than the present gym because of the choices that their economic capacity commands.
The type of people who frequents at the 24 hours gym are typically those who belong in the low bracket income and sometimes the unemployed who take fitness to occupy their time. Their choice where to train is limited because budget is a major consideration to them. Their choices are often limited to those similarly priced gym and will have difficulty in moving up to gyms like Equinox because the resource requirements of gyms like Equinox will take toll on their resources.
Due to their different economic standing, the interaction of people vary significantly. In equinox, it is observed that people there talks more about their work and business. Sometimes, the gym itself is made as a place to establish business connection. Conversations outside work typically revolves about the latest fad and hobbies like opinions on the latest model of cars, new places to visit, what’s in and what’s out. With regard to their dependents, it is observed that their conversations revolves around fun and how to enjoy life. They usually talk about gadgets and what’s “cool” today. It is also noticed that people in Equinox are more protocol consicous and more polite compared to those who are in 24 hours fitness gym.
In contrast, people at Equinox talks more about issues. Especially on when will this economic crisis will end ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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These Two Places Differ Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
“These Two Places Differ Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words”, n.d.
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