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Spatial patterns in Okinawa - Essay Example

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Okinawa is the largest island in Japan. Okinawa has the most stunning beaches with weather conditions and it is ranked to be the only island that is blessed with an attractive natural scenery and other cultural treasures. This paper tells about the geographical position, population, nature, tourism, economy and education. …
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Spatial patterns in Okinawa
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Extract of sample "Spatial patterns in Okinawa"

Download file to see previous pages Okinawa was originally occupied by the Archipelagos who used to make the region prosperous in trade during the fourteenth and sixteenth century, this is because, and it was used as an avenue for exchange between Japan and the South Eastern Asia. Okinawa island has been put into consideration by the Japanese government whereby, we find that the region is to be put under a high Administrative Management, where various principles are to be applied these include the self-reliance principle, through which the people are given an opportunity to collaborate both nationally and internationally in the development of the Okinawa Island. There are also plans to allow the industrial growth through the enhancement of employment opportunities for the people, health care provision to the people and the discovery of high-quality technological advancement and the new ways of managing human resources that will always contribute in the economic growth of the region.
The island is located between the Kyusyu and Taiwan, including the major cities of Asia such as Taipei, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Seoul, Manila and Tokyo that are said to be occupying part of the Okinawa Island. The island population had engaged in exclusive cultural activities such as textiles, arts and customs performance and potteries which basically contributed in the overseas trade.
The geographical composition of this island include; the coral rocks, through which the rain water filter through and creating many caves on the island, this caves are said to have played a major role in the war of Okinawa where most people were using them as there areas for hiding from their enemies. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Spatial Patterns in Okinawa Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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