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Chinas Many Faces - Research Paper Example

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The article to be discussed is entitled: China’s many faces in terms of ethnical, cultural, and religious pluralism. The article discusses the many hidden issues about china that are not normally known by many people, especially those who are not anywhere near China…
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Chinas Many Faces
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Extract of sample "Chinas Many Faces"

Download file to see previous pages The writer is focusing on the racial segregation in China. She first compares it with other developed nations that have mixed races, but the racial factor is less regarded. The author has introduced China basing it on three factors as viewed by the Americans. These include political image, injustices waved on the people and violation of human rights, and the last dimension is the economical image. However, the author has decided to distant herself from this perspective and decided to bring about how China exists in many faces in terms of ethnical diversity.
The major ethnical tribe in China is the Han, which constitute about 92% of the total population, the other 8% is for the minority tribes which are marginalized and are referred to as the Minzu (Blum, n.d,). The author has decided to raise concern on this minor ethnic group. In China people are not classified according to their physical appearance. This fact is supported by the anthologists, who state that physical appearance is not a distinctive factor for human beings. This mode of approach is different from the one used in America, where identification of persons is based on appearance. Although some groups like the Yi and the Tibets are tall, they are not classified using this feature.
Most of these minority groups live along the borders of China and the good thing is that they have not been neglected by the state. Rather, there is high concern and their residence along the border is beneficial to the country. The larger majority group is in the central area and is less conversant with the minority tribe, except in the regions where both the majority and the minority are found.
Although the government had impacted a lot of efforts to ensure that the minority live in harmony, they still suffer from discrimination and abuse whenever they mingle with the Han (the majority tribe) in the urban regions. Due to their marginalization, they are poor, uncivilized, and uneducated, features that clearly distinguish them from the Han. As a result, according to the author, they have not been able to hold powerful positions in the government.
The author further took an outlook on each of the minority groups, the largest of them being the Zhuang, who live in the Vietnam border. Others are the Hui ethnic group, who are well spread across the nation; they are Chinese speaking Muslims with Asian ancestry. The Hui community is also known for their constant clashes with the Han. The Mongolian community is another minor group, whose main economic activity is pastoralism. Wa are hunters and are the most primitive with a unique religious belief.
The Han, who are the majority tribe, have diverse cultural practices and regional diversity. According to the author, China is divided in to two main regions; the north and the south; the north is where there is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Chinas Many Faces Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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