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Triumph of Christianity - Speech or Presentation Example

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Triumph of Christianity Introduction The early days of Christianity more than 2000 years ago saw it emerge from a very small Jewish sect in an eastern province of Judea under the rule of the powerful Roman. Breaking through the shackles of the ruling Romans and opposition from the more dominant Jewish sects, Christianity became the religion of the Roman Empire and spread to rapidly to become the dominant religion on earth, with almost two billion followers in present times (Grant, 1970)…
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Triumph of Christianity
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Download file to see previous pages Against this backdrop, it is now possible to present a better picture of Christianity as a religion and its triumphant rise in a manner acceptable to a majority of historians. The Impact of Christianity Tracing the history of the triumph of Christianity means a relook at the manner in which it threw off the restraints of the Roman Empire to become the dominant religion of the Roman Empire, which brought about a marked and fundamental change in the Greco-Roman values that existed at that time. Some historians attribute the rise of the Christianity as a factor that led to the fall of the great Roman Empire. This argument is buttressed by the fact that the polytheistic official religion followed in all of Rome that included Mars the God of War and Jupiter Optimus Maximus to a very large extent were the buttress on which the power of the Roman Emperors rested. The emergence of Christianity as the religion of Rome removed this buttress, reducing the power of the Emperors of Rome, leading to its downfall (Duker & Spielvogel, 2007). The Beginning of Christianity There are many mysteries and enigmas that shroud the birth and life of the founder of Christianity Jesus Christ. The finding of the Dead Sea Scrolls has added another chapter to these mysteries and enigmas in the form of the Essenes. The Jews has become a divided house prior to Judea becoming a part of the Roman Empire. This lack of unity led to Judea becoming a part of the Roman Empire. The Roman rule only added to the further divisions among the Jews and the rise of Jewish sects. The Essenes were one such sect that came into being in the first century before Christ. Similarities and beliefs and practices of early Christians are seen that include baptism and leading to speculation that the Essenes provide the missing link between the development of religious ideas between Judaism and Christianity. Leaving these speculations aside, Christianity did have a humble beginning and the teaching of its founder Jesus Christ was so profound that it not just attracted the Jewish people, but spread beyond Judea to other parts of the world (Strauss, 1984). The Rise and Triumph of Christianity During his life time it was the miracles that he performed that made the most noise and attracted followers to him. Subsequent to his death, the miracles remained as embers, but it was then that his teachings and mystical powers emerged to become the focus of attraction for conversion to Christianity (Stalker, 2003). To the Jewish people the attraction lay in the teachings of Jesus Christ brought a fresh breathe against the dominance of the High Priests, the Scribes and the Pharisees in Jewish religious thought. The Roman conquest of Greece and the Mediterranean region had brought the Roman people in contact with mystery religions. Romans were beginning to adopt ideas and practices outside of the Roman religion and mystery religions were an attractive proposition. The miracles that Jesus Christ performed, the mysterious that surrounded his death and resurrection as spread by his disciples were a strong attraction for the Romans (Brodd, 2003). Christianity offered more than just mystery for the Romans. The founder was not a myth and the religious thought ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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