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Lands' End: Where Buyers Rule - Case Study Example

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The company operates in organisational market were the number of direct customers are quite less but they make purchase in huge bulk. As a result each and every customer is of great importance. …
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Lands End: Where Buyers Rule
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Extract of sample "Lands' End: Where Buyers Rule"

Download file to see previous pages As a result each and every customer is of great importance. The main revenue of the company is generated through mail orders and internet; however it also runs several retail operations in the local market as well as in international market (UK, Germany and Japan). The company’s marketing slogan is “Lands' End: Where Buyers Rule”. This clearly reflects the customer centric marketing policies followed by the company. Operating in organizational markets, the company pays vital importance to the buyer’s behaviour. As compared to customer market, the number of purchase is comparatively low, though the quantity sold per order is huge. This means the buyers are quite powerful and should be kept satisfied (Rowley, 2006, p.35). However, it is equally important for the company to understand test and preference of the end users. Therefore, the company should make some changes in the prevailing marketing strategy. A parallel platform should be developed where the company can interact with the end users. For this, the market research department has to coordinate with the direct customers. They both should exchange ideas so that more customer centric products can be developed. The company can use its existing retail stores to attract some of the end users. ...
At present the company has very less information about the international consumers, their requirements, value system and purchasing behavior; hence the company has to gather all these information. To be successful in the international market, the company is paying more attention on market research. It is gathering information that can be used to analyze the customer’s behavior and competitiveness in market. However, to make a product popular in a new market, it should reach to the customer. There must be a well developed distribution channel through which the product can reach to each of the retail units. Therefore, the company should work with the prevailing local distribution service providers to make the product available to the target customers. Instead of making huge investment in market research, the company should use knowledge of the local players by developing strategic partnership with them. The local companies which are operating in the emerging markets have better understanding of buyers needs and purchasing behavior. This knowledge should be used to expand the product portfolio by introducing new products that are capable in fulfilling requirement of the local customers (Kvint & L’vovich Kvint, 2009, p.133). Ford Consulting Group, INC.: From Data to Actions Ford Consulting Group is engaged in developing a business report that assist the user to overcome six main questions related to source, measures, application, additional information, data and time management (Ford Consulting Group, n.d.). Company’s marketing slogan is “Ford Consulting Group, INC.: From Data to Actions”. This reflects the core business strategy of the company. As per Ford Consulting Group’s ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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