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Propsal - Essay Example

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Aims and Purpose: Education is a never-ending process. The thirst for knowledge cannot be sufficiently stressed as a necessary tool in the advancement of a population and even of human’s existence in a contemplative manner. The need to be educated does not merely stop in attaining the cumulative standard of education as commonly perceived…
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Extract of sample "Propsal"

Download file to see previous pages The most recent advent of distance learning constitutes the most enticing of these. The aim of this research is to find out the influence of distance training on raising the motives of teachers to participate in training programmes. It will substantially consider the case of Saudi Arabia and will specifically explore teachers' viewpoints there, regarding the potentials distance training has that make it more favourable and encouraging as opposed to those of the traditional face-to-face approach. The research, in the process, will uncover different aspects related to teachers' training programmes. This will then be correlated to assess how teachers' motivations towards training can be increased. There has been a wide recognition that training plays an important role in upgrading and improving teachers' abilities to elevate teaching outcomes toward highly accomplished educational goals. It is to be noted that an ongoing training system has been developed in Saudi Arabia in this regard. However, the beneficial consequence of the system cannot be apparently felt and there are signs that teachers are not all that interested in participating. Several reasons might be enumerated to be behind this. However, many believe that it is the approach that relies mainly on the conventional face-to-face training that is not sufficiently motivating teachers to take place. It is assumed that applying distance training approach as an alternative would be more encouraging. Although distance training is becoming widely employed nowadays and proved to be very sufficient to gain interest, the link between distance training and motivation is not sufficiently covered by research yet. This research will try to explore this sort of link and find out how significant distance training is considered as a motivating medium. Moreover, the research will assess the extent to which conventional face-to-face approach fulfils teachers' training purposes and highlights the major obstacle facing this system. On the other hand, it will also research the opportunities of applying distance training among teachers in Saudi Arabia. It will try to build a good understanding of the available information technology infrastructure and reveal whether teachers have the basic skills to facilitate information technology tools and thus get the full benefit of distance training. The research will look at how confident teachers are with distance training and find out any sort of relation between satisfaction and motivation with distance training including other factors related to working and personal conditions such as subject and level of teaching. Strategy: The proposed research will take on a quantitative approach. It will mainly depend on gathering and analyzing quantitative secondary and primary data gathered from available literature documents and by means of social surveys. This will be supported with appropriate qualitative data and analysis to provide clarification and confidence. The research will be mostly deductive in a sense that it works from the more general to the more specific and builds up its conclusion upon initial scientific hypotheses. It ought to ascertain a preliminary assumption and generates inferences about associations among selected variables. The research will try to answer the following questions : 1-To what extent do teachers in Saudi ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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