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This paper "Gay and Lesbian Rights in the United States" focuses on the fact that there have been many instances of violence all over the world. In addition to this, people are also subjected to inequality. This has led to many cases of torture for these people. …
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Download file to see previous pages In the past years now, many communities in the United States of America got involved in debates concerning the response to gay society. In reality, this conflict was founded on the grounds of sexual orientation which was a component of the legislation in the local antidiscrimination. Some societies instituted fundamental changes in the laws and even education in order to cater for this. On the other hand, the other communities have passed the laws in the face of vigorous opposition. However, others debated on this without any action being taken.
As a result, many parts of America have fostered protection of gay rights. However, they have been limited support from the national government despite the support from the local government. With the administration that was assumed to be sympathetic, the gay rights advocates have failed to persuade the Congress into repealing the abolition of the gays in the US military. When the republican took over the power, a movement that fueled the fight for gay rights was not a success. This will then imply that the activists of gay rights should work hard to see this being legislated.
Taking a report from some of the cities and counties in the United States of America, detailed information pertaining to the protection of gay rights were obtained. The data covered the aspects of legal safeguards of gay rights and also lesbians. The historical background of the emergence of gay rights can be traced to the aftermath of the Second World War. At this time, there was a rapid change in the social norms and this led to the emphasis on personal autonomy.
Sexual identity is one of the major frontiers in the realm of cultural politics. This was projected towards the interest of gays and lesbians. In the era after World War II, protective organizations came up to help in signalling the sense for the homosexuals and also their rights. Part of the motives behind this is to push for the introduction of sexual orientation in the human rights legislation. There was an increasingly hostile environment for gays in many cities and states. The measures of prohibiting discrimination pertaining to sexual orientation can be different in various parts of the world.
Public policy attitudes are linked to the attributions that pertain to the nature of social problems. Those people who view crime and other problems in society as a result of a weak character tend to appeal to dispositional attributions. There is an extension of the attribution styles to the support of gay rights. This is in response to the public policies preferences.
There has been a public opinion that relates to the prejudice towards the minority groups in society. For instance, blacks and gays and lesbians. There have been many debates on gay rights for that matter. In these debates, there are assumptions and presuppositions regarding the causes of the sexual orientation called homosexuality. Some people argue that homosexuality is a lifestyle. They may be right. This is strongly supported by the view on this lifestyle. For instance, there are some benefits that are associated with this habit. The man and women who are gay have taken their time to evaluate the costs that are associated with this behavioural trend in sexual orientation. Therefore, they have taken various courses of action depending on their own evaluation that is voluntary.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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