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Representation of Women - Essay Example

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This paper "Representation of Women" discusses the issue of the wage gap that has been raised since women and men gained equal rights. Hence, it was claimed that indeed women can apply for any jobs they want if they have sufficient educational background to perform the jobs on required levels…
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Representation of Women
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Extract of sample "Representation of Women"

Download file to see previous pages The roots of the most common stereotype concerning the fact that men are considered to be better workers than women trace back to the times when women weren’t allowed to occupy the same job positions as men. The so-called “glass ceiling effect”, mentioned in the article “The Glass Ceiling Effect” by Cotter et al., appeared in the late 1990ies and was characterized by difficulty for women to get high positions in their workplaces (655). The problem occurred concerned the fact that on account of their gender identity women couldn’t progress up the career ladder because of some barriers created for them by men.

Since the glass ceiling effect appeared, it has become one of the greatest concerns within the scope of the labor issues. It would be more obvious to analyze the 1990ies on the matter of restriction of women in their career rising, but it sounds even stranger to talk about the glass ceiling effect in a modern liberal era. However, recent statistical researches have revealed that even though nowadays women get higher job positions and play significant roles in so-called “men’s jobs”, still only “5 percent of senior position are held by women” (“Glass Ceiling Commission Report”, 143). The problem is those huge corporations are less likely to hire women than men because there are more problems with women because of their lower productivity and possible maternity perspectives (Ibarra n.pag.). Even more severe situation is engaged with non-white women, who suffer from double-discrimination on their workplaces. Thus a 1992 Heidrick and Struggles report, Minorities and Women on Corporate Board, has shown that only 0.3 percent of those 5 percent of women that are holding high job positions are African-Americans (144). It turns out that women are being discriminated against on multiple positions and are held from getting to the top of career ladder. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Representation of Women Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words)
Representation of Women Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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