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Passionate Love Versus Compassionate Love - Essay Example

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The paper "Passionate Love Versus Compassionate Love" describes that one love being apparently more emotional but ‘short coursed’ while the other being permanent but seemingly lacking involvement - the compassionate love is the one that facilitates a lasting relationship…
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Passionate Love Versus Compassionate Love
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Extract of sample "Passionate Love Versus Compassionate Love"

Download file to see previous pages The key differences between the two kinds of romantic love contrast at different levels with both types having their own characteristics that seem better over the other. Passionate love happens quickly with strong attraction and feelings of emotion, but once the differences settle in, it is overcome by them and does not last long enough. Compassionate love, on the other hand, is based on mutual understanding, common dreams and empathy (Gilbert, Pg. 20-27). This makes compassionate love long-lasting and possibly for life time (Tzeng , P. 112).
Compassionate love, hence, has more stability and the similarity and common interests of the two individuals help them bond over the facts (Lavelly; Quiles, pg. 354). Passionate love might be working on the bases of attraction between the opposites, but that is more of a compliment for the case of compassionate love with respect to qualities (Lavelly). The fact can be verified from the example that people, in general, prefer to marry into their own social groups and races even without the marriage being arranged by the parents or a third party (Lavelly). Research on the topic indicates that romantic acts and feelings are more permanent if the male and female have a higher pattern of similarity (Quiles, p. 354). This might be the reason that in spite of the introduction of the internet and breaking of the rules previously stated about most individuals marrying in their own group (Lavelly), people still tend to marry in their own cultures (or at least similar cultures) where they can find partners with more similarity (Quiles, p.354).
This might be seen from a variety of perspectives and the contrast between the two types of love defines the controversy that surrounds the matter, the love for similar background, culture, ambitions, shared dreams and the simple attraction or craving for another person. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Passionate Love Versus Compassionate Love Essay.
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Passionate Love Versus Compassionate Love Essay.
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