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A Critical Feminist Theory in Advertising Art - Coursework Example

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This work "A Critical Feminist Theory in Advertising Art" describes the Feminist Theory, the evolution of the woman. The author takes into account the peculiarities of various advertisements. Advertising art and the feminist theory can actually work together to draw that image of the woman that is realistic yet giving more emphasis to her evolution…
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A Critical Feminist Theory in Advertising Art
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Extract of sample "A Critical Feminist Theory in Advertising Art"

Download file to see previous pages The goal is to achieve a sense of gender symmetry or an essential balance between men and women. Consequently, it has, in a number of ways, influenced the political, social, and psychological development of the woman as a unique human species.

One interesting area that has been the focus of the woman’s portrayal in media is advertising. Advertising is a potent venue by which artistic images are created to appeal to the consumer’s senses and persuade them to patronize products or services. However, Xie believes that advertising art has also been used to show the woman in an exploitative light that this is an area which the feminists have had strong reactions against.

It is hypothesized that advertising art and the feminist theory can complement each other to create a scenario in which advertising as an artistic expression may not be totally restrained as well as preventing feminists from going to the streets having found certain ads to be offensive to the very nature of a woman.

Samson describes that as early as the 1900s, women from different parts of the globe have been fighting for their rights especially in their involvement in the electoral process. It is possible that some women have recognized in themselves other abilities than those which have been stereotypically assigned to them in the homes. Women at that time may have felt that there are some areas that needed to be improved and they would like that to be brought to the attention of male leaders who dominated the times.

Moreover, Samson relates that it was in the 1960s that the so-called second-wave feminism began and from then on has brought many changes in the lives of women in terms of politics, philosophy, literature, arts, and sexuality.

Brave women have been part of the cause of feminism which has developed through time. One significant contribution is made by Ingo, Mize, and Pratarelli in what they call an evolutionary feministic theory.

This theory is based on the assumption that women tend to compete intrasexual with other women in the search for a superior long-term mate.  Because of this, women would do anything, including enhancing their physical appearance, to be attractive to men.  As such, women patronize products and services meant to take care of their face and body to have better chances at mate selection. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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A Critical Feminist Theory in Advertising Art Coursework.
“A Critical Feminist Theory in Advertising Art Coursework”.
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